Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Magnolias

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am part of a trio called Still Magnolias. We have been singing together for a number of years. We met at the Loft in Columbus, Ga. Now, Amanda and I have been singing together since we were babies as she says....hardly....I am two years older than she is....but it sounds good. I thought today would be a good day to introduce the readers to the girls. They truly are exceptional women and I am glad to be a part of such an organization of such extraordinary women. PTL! Sooooo...with that said....let me introduce you to the women in my life.

Who Are We?

Amanda Brown
singer, songwriter, guitarist

Amanda looks at her life she says, "Life is about living, no waiting, so get in the car girl and Let's Go!" A native of Mobile, AL, she is a registered nurse with a Masters Degree in Management. The talented third of Still Magnolias wears many hats during her day. She is a hospital administrator for Compass Group. Right now she travels all over and helps hospitals who are floundering. She is the wife of one, mother of two, (soon to be grandmother of two), one of three Still Magnolias and the second of four daughters.
Amanda's first song, "The Best Man," was written about her father who was killed in a work-related accident when she was eight years old. Her mom, Shirley, father, Charlie, and her grandfather, Lee Terrell Prophitt, passed along to her deep roots in music. The legacy of her grandfather is forever captured in "Grandpa's Music," an early co-writing venture with her cousin, Karen. The song tells what it was like growing up in a mill village with a musical family. "I thought everyone grew up with music," says the crooner. "What a shock when I found out they didn't."
Listen to her music and you will hear that Amanda weaves into every song her stories, her humor, and her heart. "Singing three part harmony is one of the purest ways to touch someone's heart." If you don't believe her, then come and listen to Still Magnolias sing. What an experience you will have!

Rebecca Harris
singer, songwriter, percussionist

When you ask Rebecca if she has lived in Columbus, GA all her life she will chuckle and tell you, "Not yet! I still have a lot of living to do!" Believe me when I tell you this barely 5 foot dynamo can pack 48 hours worth of living in 24 and never bust a sweat. Rebecca is the Entertainment Coordinator for Phenix City Parks and Recreation. She is one very busy lady making carnivals, street dances, concerts happen in Phenix City. This remarkable woman has an uncanny knack for making people give 110% of themselves.
Rebecca's richly varied musical experience incorporates jazz, country, rock, folk, blues and gospel into her distinctive lead and harmonic vocals. As a singer-songwriter she draws from her life experiences as a true southern woman. "The Shelter" was written to let women know that there is a place to go if they are in an abusive situation. This song premiered at a benefit concert for the Columbus Alliance of Battered Women in October of 2000.
All of the trio boast of rich Indian heritage, but it is Rebecca who spends her spare time reading up on Indian history, folklore, and natural healing. She and her husband, Stan, a talented artist, remodeled their home to reflect a unique southwestern aura. Her writings are both passionate and light-hearted. She is happiest when she moves her audience to feel the power of her words. She has a unique gift of making people feel like they are sitting on her back porch swing, singing along and possibly becoming part of her next song.

singer, songwriter, guitarist, kazooist

If you ask me about my life so far, my response is that it has been an incredibly enjoyable adventure. An original Florida native, I cut my teeth on the music of my grandfather, Lee Terrell Prophitt. One of my fondest memories was listening to all the music that came from my grandparent's house. Music has always been a passion. The song, "Flight 307," came while driving home from a trip to Nashville with Amanda. It was hastily polished off at a center table at "The Loft" in Columbus twenty minutes before show time.
I, like the other two, also wear many hats. I teach high school Spanish at Benjamin Russell High School during the day and at night sometimes you will find me teaching aspiring writers the rudiments of English Composition I and II at Central Alabama Community College. I teach Sunday School, lead a Bible Study, sing in the Arbor Praise and Worship Service at First United Methodist, and during the summers have been known to strap on power tools and get down and dirty with Appalachian Service Project in the Appalachian Mountains.
Harmony is my favorite part of a song. I love to find those haunting additions to make a song full. A storyteller at heart, I love weaving stories into songs and performances. This singing teacher loves her job, loves to sing and wonders, just how many people can get up every morning and know that every major thing they do in their lives they love?" I can, because I do....everyday! I truly am blessed.

So now that you have met us...what do you think? We are just everyday women...with everyday an everyday world....who love to sing and love being part of each other. From blue grass to gospel and ballad to is quite a ride....and I don't want to get off anytime soon.

Peace Out, K