Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh My Man I Love Him So....and Yes, He Does Know

Let me introduce you to my special guy. He is a great least to me. Meet Frank, the love of my life, the carrier of many of my heaviest load, the listener of my woes, my biggest fan. Frank is a part time United Methodist Pastor at Waverly United Methodist Church, part time college student, and full time assistant manager at Arby's. On top of all this is helps me be a caregiver for my parents. He truly has earned his crown in heaven....with many jewels. Frank is a romantic from the bottom of his great big heart. He proposed to me on the Fourth of July....right after I sang at Thunder on the Hooch in Columbus. When I turned to leave the stage....just as the fireworks went off....there he was...on his knee....holding out his mother's engagement ring. I could have leapt off the stage...and of course I said a hearty, "Yes!" What a guy. He is a very special man. I told him when we started dating that if my daughter did not like him there was not much point in trying to have a relationship.....he won her over almost immediately....but she also won him over. Kat adores Frank and he loves if she were his daughter....just like Amy in the picture. I remember the first time he told her he loved her. They were talking on the phone and he got ready to end the call....and just naturally said....,"I love you." I saw a look of surprise when he realized what he had done....and I saw it become a smile....when I guess she responded to him in kind. That is just what kind of man he is.....loving. He is a true people person. People really like him...and I think that was one of the things that drew me to him....he has an air about him that says....I am good with me. I don't have that aire. I am not always good with me....but when I am with him....I never doubt myself. I want to give the world to him....but it really wouldn't matter. He is tickled with whatever I give him....although I think Disney World would be a big plus. He can make you laugh, has a wonderfully full laugh, and the tenderest tears. He is man enough to be macho....and yet tender enough to cry when someone is hurting or something touches his heart. If I live to be 100 I will be thanking God everyday for this wonderful man. Today is nothing special, it is not our anniversary or is just Friday and I was sitting here loving him alot and wanted to tell him....and you guys too.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Am Glad I Am Not A Teenager Again!

Lord, I am so glad I am not a teenager again. I seem to have forgotten the raging hormones, the squabbling over boys, the attitudes, ......and oh yeah...Spring Fever. That I can relate to. I have Spring Fever myself. Maybe that is why the other is driving me nuts right now. Today, for the first time in I can't remember when.....and I am talking about years. I had to call for an administrator to help settle down two girls.....GIRLS! They came into my room....being hateful to each other. I wanted to tell them....HEY! Life is short and you don't need to be so spiteful....but it would not have worked...not at that moment...we were close to blows being exchanged. I hate girl fights. In all the years I have taught....20+ I have broken up many a boy fight.....but a girl fight....look out ....cause you will see me cowering in a corner somewhere. During my internship.....I broke up my one and only girl fight.....I actually got between the two girls fighting....and took one to my room. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Anyways, after I shut the door to my room....I heard something bump the door....when I opened it after the other student had been taken to the office....there....impaled in my door.....was a pair of scissors from Home Ec. I was sick at my stomach....that could have been me those scissors were impaled in. God truly does look out after fools, little children, and interns. My first year on the job....I came up on a boy fright....reached out to grab one of the fighters....and took his elbow in my nose when he drew back to punch.....the punch was never thrown....because he broke my nose....blood splattered everywhere....and I passed out. Great way to stop a fight I can assure you. The boys were shocked and thought I was dead. They grabbed me and rushed me to the school nurse....and I am sure they lived to fight another day. My question is....why do we have to fight? God tells us in Leviticus 19:18 (New International Version) " 'Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD." Today, I am so glad I am dealing with a 50 year old's problems and not those of a teenager. God truly knows what he is doing when he makes teenagers....young! Happy Thursday to You!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life Isn't Always Fair, But It's Still Good

A good friend of mine sent me an email yesterday that I just had to share with you guys today. She was once my roommate and my sister-in-law. Now we are friends and I love her like a sister. She has cancer....she is awaiting her insurance company's approval of a drug that costs 15,000 per dose. This drug would give her a 50 - 60% chance of survival.....The first time they were presented with the request they denied the Dr.'s are appealing.....yet, even with that.....Lucy still has one of the most positive outlooks of anyone I know. She is a survivor....and a Christian. I have always admired had to give you something to make your day....your week....your life special....from on her 55th birthday!

"Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
Time heals almost everything.
Give time, time.
Dopn't compare your life to others'.
You have no idea what their journey is all about.
You don't have to win every argument.
Agree to disagreements.
Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
Try to make at least three people smile each day.
Each night beforee you go to bed complete the following statements:
"I am thankful for..."
"Today I accomplished..."
Call your family often.
Take a 10 - 30 minute walk every day and while you walk, smile.
Forgive everyone for everything.
Dream more while you are awake.
What other people think of you is none of your business.
Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
Enjoy the ride.
Remember that this is not Disney World and you certainly don't have a fast pass.
Make the most of it and enjoy the ride.
Smile and laugh more.
It will keep the energy vampires away.
Don't take yourself so seriously.
No one else does.
Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn,
pass all your tests.
Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear
and fade away like algebra class
but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
Your job won't take care of you when you are sick.
You friends will.
Stay in touch.
No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
Spend more time with people over the age of 70 and under the age of six.
When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement,
"My purpose is to"
Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed.
No matter how youi feel, get up, dress up and show up.
The best is yet to come.
Burn the candles, use the nice sheets.
Don't save it for a special occassion.
Today is special.
Make peace with your past, so it won't mess up the present.
However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
Live with the 3 E's...Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy,
and the 3 F's...Faith, Family, Friends."
Thank you Lucy for sharing those life reminders with me....and allowing me to share them with others. As always....I learn from you....just as I did when we were younger. You are truly a blessed person and I am blessed to know you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chemotherapy Day One

See the handsome white haired man sitting at my dining room table. That man is very special to me. He is my father. The white hair has been there since he was 40....and no, I was not THAT bad a child. He comes from a family of premature grayers. I am 54 and my hair is nearly as white as his. Well, today we had our first round of chemotherapy.....this handsome man has cancer. I went with my mom and him today so I could see if she could handle this without me having to take days off from work. Small problem, my mom does not sit still....we sat reading for about an hour...and then she began to while she ran errands and piddled around in town....and I sat and watched the carboplatin and the taxateer drip into my dad's port. He looked so peaceful sitting in his recliner....sleeping.....his gentle face......I occassionally reached out and stroked it only to watch him stir slightly in slumber. I love this man. I wish I could do this for him....but I know I cannot. This is one path he must walk alone. I can cheer him on from the sidelines....and hope that he does not have the bad side effects possible....pray for him....and love him.....and my mom. Cancer is an ugly word. I would not wish this on any family....least of all mine. I know that sounds kind of selfish....but it is honest. Again, I am thankful that I am a Christian....because Psalm 68:19 in the New International Bible tells me " Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. " I don't have to go through this alone. How do people do it who are not believers? I am glad I don't have to find out. I can truly say Happy Tuesday....because I have a loving Father.....and father.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bless Her Little Heart

I love my daughter. Isn't she cute here? She was 2 in this picture and it was made 26 years ago. Time sure did fly.....I was having so much fun and I woke up one morning and she was a bride. She is probably one of the most precious people who breathes on the earth. When she enters a room the room lights up with her effervescence. Everyone that meets her thinks she is special, so it is not just the fact that I am her mom, other people believe it too. I have always felt sorry for her though....because I was her mom. You must understand.....I am not a hair fixing, make-up wearing, fashion statement kind of she had no training in that area....what she got....she got from her friends. Her hair....unless someone else did it....was always filled with little bows I made....and never french braided....because I can't. There I said it! I can't french braid. I have never used a curling iron on how could I teach her to use one? I am au naturale....what you see is what you bless her little heart....there was no mom to teach her the rudiments of makeup and eyelash curlers. I used to look at my friends little girls and wish that Kat could have a mom more like them....but she didn't.....she had me! You know the funny matter how many lessons she did not get in the finer concepts of hair doing and makeup wearing she turned out ok....inspite of me. 1 Peter 3:3 says, "Do not let your adornment be merely outward-arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel." I wish I could say this was why I am like I am....but I it isn't. I just never liked gunk on my face. Kathryn has matured into such a lovely young woman....she has God in her heart and in her house....and her outward appearance....well it is just a representation of what is on the inside. She is beautiful...inside and out. I learned a valuable lesson from her when she had her 28th birthday. It did not matter to her that I could not fix her hair....or that I did not show her all about wearing makeup....what mattered to her most was that I loved her....and was there for her.....through successes and through failures......and you know....I have a heavenly Father who is there for matter what....and he does not care either that I cannot fix hair like other women do....or that I can't make up a Cover Girl face....what matters to Him is that I spend time with Him...and love Him with all my heart. Thank goodness His mirror is skewed! is a good thing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Happy Monday to you all....and to all a good night!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Me? Why Her?

Does Altzheimer's affect the brain like schizophrenia or a multiple personality disorder? What exactly does Altzheimers do to a person? Why, oh why does my mother seem like several different people? She changes personalities on a daily basis like someone would change their underwear. Sometimes she's a sweet granny type person. Sometimes she's an old woman about to take her last breath. Sometimes she is loving. Sometimes she is cruel. Some days she likes certain foods, many days she does not remember ever eating that particular food, and other days she hates those foods. Is it just a matter of losing memories? When my dad had a pace maker installed my daughter and I heard her telling her pastor a story....yes, we both were eavesdropping at it's finest. Anyways, she told the pastor about when she went to Auburn and was working on her Master's Degree. She went on to tell him how she took my daughter Kathryn with her to Kiddie College. Well....this would have been a great story....if it had been her. It wasn't her was mine. I went to Auburn and took mom has a G.E.D. She never even finished high school. She and my father came live with my husband and I in 2005 after my dad had a serious illness and needed to be watched. My mother was still working at the time. My husband is a saint....believe me. My mom is not an easy person to be around for the most part. It just depends on who is there that day. It is scary.

My dad has no short term memory....he had the pace maker installed in May of 2006 and woke up not knowing what day it is, what year it is, what time it is, where the bathroom was at the house, and what to do once he was in the bathroom, and asking repetitive simple questions. He forgets to eat....because he forgets short term stuff. Now...he can tell you what wire nut he used on house 25 years problem....he just can't remember....he has cancer and is taking chemo. Every day he wants to know why he has to go to the doctor's office. Maybe in 25 years it will click....but back to her....

Sometimes she goes to bed early at night and wakes before 6 in the morning....getting up countless time to use the bathroom. Other times she goes to bed late and sleeps til 8 and may not get up at all. She often does the opposite of what she needs to do. She seems to be slipping more and more everyday. She can't remember how to cook food she always did. She can't remember how to cut the oven on. She can't remember how to turn the iron on. She can't remember simple things that were told to her recently. Like what time I will be home without asking the question, "Now, what time will you be home?" dozens of times. My dad eats waffles and microwaved bacon for breakfast every day. I think she serves...because she remembers how to fix it. I do all the cooking, well Frank cooks sometimes too, mom sets the table and washes the dishes. She has quit driving in big cities....but still drives around our little town and to my aunt's house. I am waiting for the day I have to take that away from her and dreading it. We took my dad's keys away from him two years ago...and he does not even remember that.

Have I mentioned before that they have lived with us for 4 years now. On a daily basis I wonder how much longer I'll be able to keep going, just handling the day to day things. I don't want it to end. In spite of it all, I love them being here. But can Frank and I handle it if it gets worse, or I should say, when it gets worse. I am a teacher....I teach for a living.....and their health is draining my sick leave bank. This year already I have taken 9 days due to illnesses - theirs. I am an only child...they have no other choice. Frank and I decided we would set aside us time once a week. I get someone to check in on my parents and we have a date. If we had not been doing this....I don't think we would still be married....I did say already that mom was not easy to live with didn't I?

One particularly bad day...Frank got me in the car for one of our "dates." We drove to Auburn and I cried most of the way there....In desperation, I finally asked, "What could be worse?"....Frank's soft and profound remark left me laughing hysterically....humor is the best medicine. Frank said, 'My parents could live with us too." Lord help me but I actually felt a wave of relief that both of his parents are dead. He then told me to look up a passage...Philippians 4:13 - "I can do everything thought Him who gives me strength" (NIV). I am so glad I am a Christian....I can't imagine doing this alone....without God. Well, the journey will get rockier I am sure....but thanks to God, Frank, and blogging....I will survive! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drew Hughes is Here.....Finally!

Look at that sweet face. We have new baby number two! Thomas Andrew Hughes (Drew) made his appearance into the world last night. He arrived by C-section after a long and tiring day of trying to get here. He weighed in at 6 pounds and 1.4 ounces and is 20 inches long. He was born at 8:55 p.m. on Feb. 20th. He is so tiny. According to my cousin, singing partner, Amanda he has lots of hair and it looks curly. He is a doll. His daddy looks like Mr. Incredible and his mom is lovely. Both of them are beautiful inside and out. As of 10:00 p.m. both mom and son were fine. Grandy(Grandfather Randy) sounded tired....but relieved. God is truly good to my family these days and with the birth of this new precious little one....I began to reflect on a song my cousin Amanda wrote that we sing. It is called "Life Goes On." Most people call it Katie's song. Amanda has been a labor and delivery nurse forever....and loves it. She is one of those people who loves what she does...and loves bringing those little ones into the world. night about 15 years ago, while working, the floor was almost empty and two sets of nurses were in order to save some money....they sent half the nursing staff home. Amanda stayed. One end of the floor was ICU and the other was Labor and Delivery. She noticed a woman walking between the two ends .......and after talking to her...wrote this song. It took us a year to sing it without crying. It is probably our most requested song. The story is this:

Life Goes On (Katie's Song)

It was almost 9 o'clock when Joe brought Katie to the floor

He said, "I'm not sure but I think it's time for the baby to be born."

With a fearful look Katie asked, "Is everything alright?"

With a knowing look and a loving smile the nurse said, "You'll have this child tonight."

Down the hall in another room another Katie lay

Pale and tired she drew a ragged breath and her family stood to pray.

With a fearful look her daughter asked, "Will mama be alright?"

With a knowing look and a loving hand the nurse said, "I don't think she'll last the night."

Life goes, and life goes on

We are all part of a bigger plan to which we all belong

Heaven knows, we're not here for very long

Life goes and life goes on.

All through the night the daughter prayed and waited for the sun

Then she'd walk down the hall and say to Joe, "How's Katie doin' son?"

And I realized what pain and joy this family must be in.

Waiting for a life to end and a new life to begin.

She said my daughter Katie is my mother's namesake

And when mama knew her time was short she said this vow I'll make,

"That I'll be here when this child comes into the world

And I hope with all my heart that it's a girl."

Just before the dawn I heard a shout and Joe said, "Thank You Lord."

And they all rejoiced and marveled at the child that had been born.

Then the daughter slipped down to Katies room as the sun broke through the sky

Kissed her brow, said it's a girl, and Katie breathed her last goodbye.

Life goes and life goes on.

We're all part of a bigger plan to which we all belong

Heaven knows, we're not here for very long

Life goes and life goes on.

Life goes and life goes on.

The bittersweet part of this is that my dad and Amanda's mom both have lung cancer. The day they were both diagnosed....I heard this song in my head. The nights both Wheeler and Drew were born the song was present again. God is so good and sometimes He uses our own words to remind us that He is in control. We all are a part of a bigger plan.....and we are not here for eternity....and life truly does go on.....inspite of the bad, the good, the sad, the goes and goes on. Wow....what a powerful concept to ingest. Thanks God for the reminder. Happy Saturday all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wanna Be An American Idol

I was visiting one of my favorite blog sites, , and she had been window shopping at another blog site and found a challenge. I had to pick up the gauntlet and do it too...since today is Friday and so I found myself at Mama's Losing It. I had to chose number 1 for my challenge:

1. If you were starring on American Idol TONIGHT and HAD to sing, what song would you choose and why. I do sing and so I have of course always dreamed of being on something like American Idol...only the fear of rejection has always kept me from trying. I really don't like the way Simon treats the singers. I lived a life not measuring up in my mothers I don't need anyone else to tell me I am good....or bad. I would sing "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban. I love the song and do it very well. I think the message it has is so powerful. I guess I could say it is my mantra song. I want my family and friends to know that I believe the lyrics with all my heart. The first verse and chorus are so powerful:

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;

When troubles come and my heart burdened be;

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,

Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;

You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;

You raise me up: To more than I can be.
The song lets ME know that I can soar with the eagles and do not have to walk on the ground with the turkeys. Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Charles Wheeler Brown

Welcome to the family little Charles Wheeler Brown. I blogged earlier in the year that my cousin and singing partner, Amanda was expecting two grand babies this year. Daughter, Ramona and daughter-in-law, Suzanna were both due in Feb. and nearly on the same day. Early Sunday morning, the call from Louisville came and Amanda and Randy headed to Louisville....they had been in Panama City checking in on Ramona. In the wee hours of Monday morning, Feb. 15th, little Charles Wheeler came into our lives. He weighed in at 8 pounds and 15 ounces and was a whopping 22 inches long. Mother and son were both fine. I got a text message from Suzanna and David later in the day and glowed for hours. I cannot wait to hold this new life in my hands. I love David and his wife and Ramona and Dustin as if they were my own. A brand new life. What a visual image that God truly exists. How can anyone stare in the face of a baby....and believe that God does not exist. I cannot fathom that. Late breaking news.....Amanda is now on her way back to Panama City....for the birth of little Thomas Andrew Hughes. How exciting. Two babies in one week. I get chills just thinking about it. I will do a post about Drew when he gets here and I have pictures to share. God is the deepest throes of my hurt and anguish....he sent me babies to let me know that all is right with the world. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Reality Check Bounced!

Yesterday, I met my parents at the Cancer Center for the final consultation before beginning chemo. I was feeling pretty optimistic when we got there and were called back to wait in the room. Dr. Murphy came in and was pleasant as always......and I relaxed....after a brief question and answer period....and an explanation of squamish cell carcinoma....he moved us into the chemo see what we were facing. He opened a door....and I felt my legs grow roots. There....looming in front of me was the chair that you sit in while the big green monster invades your body. I could barely breathe. They had my dad sit down and went over all the bad things that can happen to people who take chemo.....but don't always.....I did not hear that....all I heard was the bad. We then were ushered into the radiation area....for a simulated version of what was going to happen there. I looked at my watch and realized I had to return to I hugged my parents and left....only to physically bump into dr. Jahraus - the radiation oncologist. I looked in his gentle eyes...and came apart at the seams. He took me into a room...and talked with me about what was happening. I explained...this is my father....I am a daddy's girl.....I love this man with all my heart. He understood....and talked about God with me. Reality hit. Here I was....a professing Christian....and not trusting God at the moment. I was ashamed of myself. Later in the day he emailed me a scripture reference from Jeremiah. I opened my bible in the quiet of my house....and read these words: Jeremiah 29:11-13 - "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." I smiled as I finished the passage. Said a quiet prayer for my family.....and then....put on my big girl panties....because God and I are ready to deal with this....and no matter what the outcome.....I CAN, and I WILL seek Him continuously. God Bless the Doctors at the Cancer Center and all the patients that put their trust in them....they truly are blessings of God.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are You One Of The Lucky 5?

The Goods Continue from my good friend at Simply b, Simply Me -

I found this in on her blog this morning.....and thought....hey I am a crafty person....I will do the same thing. How fun will this be....well....only if 5+ people post I guess....but I have never done anything quite so out there so here it goes.

Are you one of the Lucky 5? Lucky you!

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make! (Though I hope you will!)2. What I create will be just for you.3. It'll be done this year {might be a little while}4. You get no clue what it's going to be. It may be a story. It may be poetry or maybe even some creation I haven't even invented yet. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer to do the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment with a poem telling me they did win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me!
PS Please leave your address incase your surprise finds you via snail mail:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am

I was the not always only child,

the lonely child,

the child with large, pain-racked eyes,

every mothers dream child,

never a bother,

never seen or heard,

"I am sorry - it was all my fault,"

I screamed our within myself.

I was the child with Shirley Temple's curls,

the color of sunlight,

blue-gray eyes that looked for answers,

yet found none,

starched dresses in blues,

whites, lavenders, or greens,

the pretty one,

the hurting one,

my friends took care of me for a while,

I was the fragile one,

and slowly I healed...

or so everyone thought.

The fragility turned into a bitter hardness,

withdrawing into my shell,

I told the world to go to hell,

my parents were confused,

but let me fight my own

inner teenage wars...alone.

I wanted to escape and run off to

Paris, England, Scotland,

but I ended up here....

here with you and your children.

Then I was the wife, the mom,

the daughter.

Where was the I?

I searched for myself everywhere

and finally,

entered the halls of knowledge,

there I was, waiting patiently

I grew like bluebonnets

along a Texas highway.

I discovered that even though I was

a wife, a mother, a daughter,

I was someone in my own right...

myself, me.

Then I sat down

with paper and pen

The pains escaped from within my heart

and mind through my fingers,

I looked down and found myself.....


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Honest Scrap

I was checking out my blogs this evening....and one of my favorite.....Last Shreds of Sanity....had a little questionaire going and I thought it was worth the effort. I have several friends I want to award with an Honest Scrap I have a the rules. You can follow them....or modify them for yourself. The choice is yours. I will probably bend them a bit....because I am that kind of girl.


A. List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
B. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap. If anyone else wants to do this, feel free to do so, just please let me know that you did it so that I can come and read yours. Ok, ready or are 10 totally honest things about me.

1. I hate to be at a stop light and hear the music in the car next to me. Music courtesy is a must. I do not want to hear your Ipod playing either....with the earpieces in YOUR ears.
2. I am adult ADD. When I was a kid....we were called incorrigible.....they did not have drugs for it then. I survive without drugs now....but sometimes...when someone is tapping a pencil on a sends me off the deep end. I can multi task...but not if there are too many things going on.....activity distracts me.
3. I sang for Kennedy and Nixon....when I was in second grade and a junior in high school. I wish I could say it was truly FOR was more to them. They both attend programs I was in....and I had a little solo part.....but still....I mean come on....two presidents.
4. I stuffed succotash in an empty milk carton in second grade....only to be ratted out by a classmate and made to eat the milky mess.....gagging every bite. I hate succotash to this day.
5. My first car, a 1968 Satellite, I have street raced. My dream...and I am sure the dream of every little girl....was to be a funny car Shirley Muldowney....or be in the powerpuff derby. Something about smashing cars....was an emotional rush for me.
6. I have actually fried an egg on the pavement in prove to my kids how hot it was. I drew quite a crowd....and amazed people on the streets with my culinary prowess.
7. Bad thing.....I have an addictive personality. When I start things....I do it like gang busters until the next new thing comes along. I also overindulge in other ways keep the chocolate cake locked up when I am around.
8. I am the queen of sarcasm. I teach high schoolers....what else do I get to do for entertainment. My aging parents also live with me....both have lost some of their faculties...if I did not have sarcasm....I would be depressed all the time....but sarcasm....keeps the humor alive.
9. I have some really short arms. If I drop my hands to my hands don't even reach the tops of my thighs.....kind of funny.....our school adopted fingertip length as a dress code skirt length once....til I stood up in a faculty meeting and dropped my arms. After the laughter subsided....I was not sure whether I was angry, hurt, or what. I could have auditioned for a part in the Wizard of Oz as a munchkin with these arms...lets face it.
10. I won't eat alone in a restaurant....if I can't get it to go....I won't get it at all.

I am passing the award on to: Marty's Musings, Trina, Sweet Tea, Bloggeritaville, Andy, Kelsey, and MMMM....Smell This.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Season of a Friend

Diana, Susan, Kat and Casey - the girls from AP class.

Kat, Raegan, Julie Mac - Picture 1 Amy, Kat, and Elizabeth - Picture 2

Kat and Jill - airport park Jessica and Kat - TN.

Jill, Jan, Scott, Kat - K'ville

The Queen Bees - Beth, Merf (Mary Rachel), and Kat - Madwind Road

I was looking through some pictures, scanning some for a photo project I am working on, and I found several pictures of my daughter Kat and her friends from childhood. It is kind of a funny one time my whole Sunday School class was in various stages of it was only natural that our children all grew up as friends....the sad part about friendships are that they change when we get older....and friends that we were inseperable from when we were twelve....we may never hear from again after we marry......sooooo...while I was working on the project....I felt the need to blog and here I am. I used this poem in the photostory....and thought I would share it and some of the pictures with you today....after all...Valentines day is not just about your significant is telling all the special people in your life that they are special....isn't it? So to all of Kat's friends....whereever you are right now....Happy Valentines Day. My life is a bit richer because you walked through my door.

The Way It Should Be
by Vergil F.e. Tudtud

Solitude have I to endure,seemingly held with disclosure.

A fellow left astray,as yet from yesterday.

Flashing your dainty, disarming smile,warms my heart every once in a while.

Our longtime kinshipwill always bloom with friendship.

It has never been so profound,a lifetime friend have I found.

Let our friendship be a bond,which can never be like a dry pond.

Let us not forget the dreams we share,forever like sisters or brothers we care.

You'll always be a friend to me,and that's the way it should be.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Valentines Thought

The high school's newpaper came out today and there on the Cinder Sweeties page was the most awesome of quotes by one of my favorite authors. So, since this is Valentine's Day weekend I thought I would share it with you and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

"I am nothing special of this I am sure. I am just a common man with common thoughts. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, that has always been enough." - Nicholas Sparks.

What a powerful thought. God bless you all this weekend....and stay safe!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Am I Here For?

If you have not read Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” you should. I read it three years ago….and it is still haunting me. Every day I look to see if my life has purpose….I know from my reading of this book that my life should be purpose driven but often it is not. Sometimes my life is circumstance driven and it is when it is in that mode that I do not function well. Many times I ask myself…Just why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the true meaning of life? What is the true meaning of MY life? It seems when I ask these questions that I am in the All About Me Mode…..and to be honest…I am. But let me tell you (and myself) It's not about me. It is all about God….and a person’s life cannot be truly successful unless he/she knows his/her purpose in life. Col 1:16 tells us that-“ For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities or powers; all things were created by Him and for Him.” Hello…should that not send up a big red flag? I mean come on….it firmly states that I was made by God for God. I was made for His purposes…..because He never creates anything without a purpose. So I am back asking myself….”How do I discover said purpose?” I believe there are two ways…the hard way….without God…and the easy way….with God. Have you ever asked God…..”What on earth have you put me here for?’ I have…and I am sure he probably laughed his head off….God wove a tapestry…..and I am in it. I am not an accident…..I was planned….and I am loved….by God. Carole King (one of my favorite singers did a song in the early 70’s called “Tapestry) and it fits my thoughts so well today that I had to share the lyrics with you:

My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision of the ever-changing view
A wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold
Once amid the soft silver sadness in the sky
There came a man of fortune, a drifter passing by
He wore a torn and tattered cloth around his leathered hide
And a coat of many colors, yellow-green on either side
He moved with some uncertainty, as if he didn't know
Just what he was there for, or where he ought to go
Once he reached for something golden hanging from a tree
And his hand come down empty
Soon within my tapestry along the rutted road
He sat down on a river rock and turned into a toad
It seemed that he had fallen into someone's wicked spell
And I wept to see him suffer, though I didn't know him well
As I watched in sorrow, there suddenly appeared
A figure gray and ghostly beneath a flowing beard
In times of deepest darkness, I've seen him dressed in black
Now my tapestry's unraveling; he's come to take me back
He's come to take me back.

The lyrics of this song tell me that my life is a test, a trust and a temporary assignment. God test my faith , love, obedience, and character every day. One day He will come to take me back….and on that day He is going to ask me "Karen, what have you done with what I gave you?" I shiver in my boots when I think on how I will answer that question….some days I will be able to look Him in the eye and proudly tell Him what I have done….other days I am ashamed to say….I will answer Him with my head looking downward out of shame. I must remind myself daily that life is preparation for eternity. So if life is preparation….then how can I fulfill God's purposes and bring glory to God? I understand from bible studies and Sunday School, and church that if I fulfill God's purposes on earth I will share in the bounty of heaven one day. I have to remind myself daily that a life without meaning is wasted. I truly believe that I was made to bring pleasure to God in worship. From the first moment I stepped in a choir loft to sing God’s praises….whether it be a chancel choir….singing traditional music….or the Arbor singing contemporary songs….I am loving my God with every lyric, note, movement to the max. When I sing on Sunday’s….it is a case of total surrender to me….for a brief shining moment….I totally abandon myself into His arms….worship for me… a lifestyle. If I could only do one thing in my life… would be worship. When I go to church on Sunday….or Weds….or whatever day….it is my safety zone ….and a place where I can find God….when I can’t seem to find Him anywhere else. I am refreshed here….I am revived here….I am renewed here….I am alive! It is the place I can escape the trials of the world….hummm….I am missing something here….God is with me always….so I need to just relax…and trust God to be there…..You know….when I became a Christian….it happened in the blink of an eye…..but it has taken me the rest of my life to strive to be Christ-like….So….with that in mind….I am asking God to make me useable…an effective character…..that effectively serves….useable….that is what I want to be when I grow up. Happy Thursday to All!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Am A Teacher

John W. Schlatter wrote a profound piece of work about my profession.....and last night as I sat at my desk grading papers I began feeling like I did not make a difference with what I do. I felt like the kids could really care less if I were even there...I felt like it is such a sad thing....that we pay teachers....whom we entrust the minds of children with such a small price....and pay athletes who entertain us on the weekends so much I went to google and simply typed in I Am a Teacher.....and after I read John Schlatters work....I picked up my red pen....finished grading my papers.....and knew for one brief shining moment.....all was right in the world of teachers. I know you are not all teachers....but you may know one....or be married to one.....or have one you would have liked to let know how much they meant to I am going to share this with you...I hope you enjoy it.

I am a Teacher.
I was born the first moment that a question leaped from the mouth
of a child.
I have been many people in many places.
I am Socrates exciting the youth of Athens to discover new ideas
through the use of questions.
I am Anne Sullivan tapping out the secrets of the universe
into the outstretched hand of Helen Keller.
I am Aesop and Hans Christian Andersen revealing truth
through countless stories.
I am Marva Collins fighting for every child's right to an education.
The names of those who have practiced my profession ring like a hall
of fame for humanity...Booker T. Washington, Buddha, Confucius, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Leo Buscaglia, Moses and Jesus.
I am also those whose names and faces have long been forgotten
but whose lessons and character will always be remembered in the accomplishments of their students.
I have wept for joy at the weddings of former students,
laughed with glee at the birth of their children
and stood with head bowed in grief and confusion
by graves dug too soon for bodies far too young.
Throughout the course of a day I have been called upon to be an
actor, friend, nurse and doctor, coach, finder of lost articles, money lender, taxi driver, psychologist, substitute parent, salesman, politician and a keeper of the faith.
Despite the maps, charts, formulas, verbs, stories and books, I have
really had nothing to teach, for my students really have only themselves to learn,
and I know it takes the whole world to tell you who you are.
I am a paradox. I speak loudest when I listen the most. My greatest
gifts are in what I am willing to appreciatively receive from my students.
Material wealth is not one of my goals, but I am a full-time treasure
seeker in my quest for new opportunities for my students to use their talents and in my constant search for those talents that sometimes lie buried in self-defeat.
I am the most fortunate of all who labor.
A doctor is allowed to usher life into the world in one magic moment.
I am allowed to see that life is reborn each day with new questions, ideas and friendships.
An architect knows that if he builds with care, his structure may stand
for centuries. A teacher knows that if he builds with love and truth, what he builds will last forever.
I am a warrior, daily doing battle against peer pressure, negativity,
fear, conformity, prejudice, ignorance and apathy: But I have great allies: Intelligence, Curiosity, Parental Support, Individuality, Creativity, Faith, Love and Laughter all rush to my banner with indomitable support.
And who do I have to thank for this wonderful life I am so fortunate
to experience, but you the public, the parents. For you have done me the great honor to entrust to me your greatest contribution to eternity, your children.
And so I have a past that is rich in memories. I have a present
that is challenging, adventurous and fun because I am allowed to spend my days with the future.

I AM a teacher...and I thank God for it every day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Great Funk Giveaway

I love purses and I love shoes too....but the cutest little purse is being given away by Simply B, Simply Me. Truthfully, I don't want you to go and visit her site....but in the name of sport I really think you should. Not only can you enter the giveaway....but read one of the best blogs ever. So.....quit reading this blog and head on over to B's place and check out all she has to offer.....still here? Go on....scooot....Chao, Vamanos!

Still Magnolias Have Arrived

Oh my....we have arrived. We recieved notification this weekend that we are opening for George Jones on April 17th in Columbus, GA. I was excited....what a great birthday present....mine is on April 15th. We opened for Cowboy Crush back in the summer...and when I was told we had been asked to open for them....I am ashamed to say I did not know who Cowboy Crush was. We actually met the girls about two hours before showtime...and they were lovely. If you have never heard Cowboy Crush you need to go to you tube and listen to their song, "He's Coming Home." It is one of the most powerful songs I know of. If you have a child or spouse in the military....or even if you don' will touch you deeply. But enough of Cowboy Crush. We are opening for a Country Music Hall of Famer.....a legend. I am not a big country music follower....but even I know who George Jones is....and know some of his music. He did a song several years ago called, "He Stopped Loving Her Today" that I just absolutely loved. It was a song about how someone who only stopped loving his death. Oh 7:00 on April 17th I will be shaking in my boots as the lights come on in the Civic Center and we begin our segment of the show.....only to be followed by George Jones. Who knows.....I may get my tour bus yet. LOL! If you live in the Columbus, GA area....and like George Jones....and want to hear Still Magnolias sing.....come on out. We would love to have you! Have a Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Randomness at Its Finest!

I was on Jordan Nicholas' blog site today and found another piece of randomness I simply cannot resist. It's harder than you think! Here is what you are supposed to do... and please don't spoil the fun... copy and paste into your own note...type in your one word answers and tag a bunch of people including me. I am not going to tag anyone. Not everyone enjoys random trivia like I if you want to do it, have fun...if not read mine and laugh. The choice is yours.

Where is your cell phone? Desk
Your father? Fred
Your mother? Wilma
Your favorite thing? ring
Your dream last night? None
Your favorite drink? tea
Your dream goal? retired
The room you are in? classroom
Your fear? failure
Where do you want to be in 6 years? traveling
Muffins? blueberry
Favorite band? Kansas
Favorite hobby? scrapbooking
Favorite show? NCIS
One of wish list items? Guitar
Where did you grow up? Florida
The last thing you did? blogged
What you are wearing? clothes
Your t.v.? Magnavox
Your pets? Dog
Your computer? Dell
Your life? Adventure
Your mood? sad
Missing someone? brother
Your car? Chevy
Favorite store? Fringe's
Your favorite color? Blues
When is the last time you laughed? Today
Last time you cried? Saturday
Three people who email you? Mary, Kat, Rita
Three of my favorite foods? Italian, Mexican, hamburgers

Where Did My Weekend Go?

It is Monday and I am sitting at my desk already.....I should be preparing for class....but instead I find myself asking the question, "Where did my weekend go?" This was one of those weekends....and you all have had them....where everybody had their little event on the same day. I ended my weekend at a meeting in Montgomery. It had the potential of being a long one but luck was on myside and we were dismissed by 8:00 p.m. Ramona was in labor so I was meant I could prepare for making a mad dash to P.C. That call never came and by the time I got everything ready for Saturday it was close to midnight. Saturday was a beautiful day....I think. I really would not know.....I bowled in a women's tournament.....from 9 - 3:30. When the tournament ended I jumped in my car and flew to Auburn, stopping only at Rite Aid in Dadeville to pick up a card and a gift, for a 5 year olds birthday party. Blake, a member of our Waverly congregation, was having a party at Burger King in Auburn. Frank, could not go because he had to that left me. I got to Burger King a little after 4 and stayed until 5:30. I enjoyed the guests and had a great time with Stacy, her mom, Kayla and David watching Blake open his gifts and eating cake. I left Burger King and ran to Belks to pick up a purchase for my friend, Mary. I was in Auburn....she was going to have to make a special trip. I left Belks, gassed up, and headed back to Alex City....where I changed clothes and Frank and I went to a Mardi Gras party for Kelly Forehand and her fiancee. Robin Hill Band was the featured I found a place to sit and enjoy the music. Sitting was a 8:30....I could not keep my eyes Frank and I headed back home for me to change we could go to the Arbor (after the CampFire girls Father-Daughter dance) and set up for Sunday. Set up was complete and we were back home around 10. I died! Sunday morning I was off and running again....Arbor by 7:30 - church til 10:15 - drive to Waverly for 11:00 home....grab lunch.....bowling alley by 1:15. Tournament kicked off at 1:30. Bowling singles and doubles does not take as long....but there is no break between the 6 games 4:00. I headed to Mary's to meet with Gretchen.....Mary Kay was fun....I felt relaxed for an hour.....home by 5:45. Graded some papers, checked my emails, played on pogo long enough to win a badge, checked facebook....showered, put on jammies, took a tylenol p.m. (my back, shoulders and arm were starting to ache), and settled down to play with the was 10:00. I don't remember anything after that.....until the clock went off at 5:30.....with the exception of my dachsund singing, at about 3:30, his howling love song to the lab puppy next door who was on our porch....and is in heat. Ain't love grand! Anyways.....I don't know where my weekend went....but Happy Monday anyways! Next weekend has to be better. I don't think I have anything scheduled......but I am sure I can find something!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Under the Arbor

Ten years ago, a rag tag group of musicians gathered in our churches new Arbor to discuss being part of a Praise and Worship....Contemporary Service. How fun it was....but most of us had never been part of anything like this and did not know exactly what would happen. I began playing acoustic guitar. I was not a singer in the beginning....although I do sing. They really didn't need any singers....but now...guitar players....that was another story. About 6 weeks into practices I became a singer....AND guitar player. I felt like I had arrived. Ten years ago....I found my niche. I found my calling in the church. I found my ministry. Ten years later I am still going strong. Members of the band and worship leaders have come, gone, some have come again....but every Sunday when we stand on that stage and kick off the service with music....I feel so very priviledged to be part of something so great! It does not get better than this. The picture I put in the one of the I said....people have come and gone.....the young girl in green.....Jennifer an awesome musician....her husband Jason is a youth minister in was a little difficult for her to commute....The long haired young man, Richard now at college in Auburn and plays with another praise band. The man on the far left...Brian Bice is an awesome guitarist....he can make a guitar talk. Woman in blue t-shirt is one of the lead singers...Rhonda Kinman. She is from the Kinman family....what a set of pipes she has. She can make me weak at the knees with her voice. I feel honored to sing with her. Woman in red shirt - Rita Romine is our number one keyboardist....she plays like angels in black....I sing only behind me....Steve our bassist, silver haired man - Robert Turner - plays trumpet....look out Doc Severinson....yellow shirted lady - Cindy Pinkston - plays flute....and adds so much to most of our songs with her lilting sounds. Guy in red shirt is David Sturdivent - "Sticks" we lovingly call him. He is our drummer. He helps keep us straight...especially when we try to run away with a song...he is the ONLY one who can slow us down. We now have Debbie Blackmon on keys....a second keyboardist....Blue Vardaman as a leader - second time around. All in is such an honor to serve God in such a powerful way. I feel so alive when we are singing songs on stage....our congregation is awesome....they come as they are....share what they have or want to....and then go out into the community.....and do what they are called to do for God. Ten years....I hope I have ten serve God....with music....and my heart! Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crouch's Candles - MMM MMMM Good

I found a new blog today, Crouch's Candles and you must visit her. She is hosting a Valentines Candle give away and even though I want to win.....very much, I feel I need to let the rest of you in on her giveaway. Please check her out at I promise you that you will not be disappointed. I could taste the smell choices she had. Good luck in the contest and Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Blessing

God creates a special gift in His heaven above
A gift that is full of joy and laughter
Full of sunshine and of love.
He places all of these wonderful things
along with a tender heart
inside a baby girl and blesses each precious part.
He gives her tiny rosebud lips
and the softest baby skin
and just when she seems perfect
He touches her once again.
Then he sends her to her family
through her earthly mom to be
and she blesses all who love her
for all eternity!
I know the Father does these things
that only He would do
for there is no other way to explain
a blessing such as you!
by Thena Smith

The first big outing at only 7 days old. In the south the Fourth of July is a definite Bar B Que must. She is not terribly thrilled with the concept of the hot outdoors and the smell of searing ribs.

Christening Day is here for Kathryn. She looks very excited about getting that christening gown off and something more comfortable on. I can't say that I blame here. The material they make those things out of would drive anyone nuts!

At the World's Fair in Knoxville, TN in 1982. How awesome to have been part of something so large when you are so little. Her favorite part was feeding the fish.

Dream on little broomstick cowboy, dream while you can......

They grow so day you turn around and they are holding on to your finger learning to walk and the next day they are readying for college......

BFF's at Eric and Roulaine's wedding at Mistletoe Bough - a local bed and breakfast. Kelli Knox, Raegan Lemmond, Jill Blair, and Kat. All the pretty maidens lined in a row.

And the last phase is....when they put on the white dress....and become someone's wife. Where did all the time go? I still have so many memories....and boxes full of photos.....but....I can't save time in a bottle.....and it truly does march on...whether you want it to or not. Jan and Kat both married the same year. Kat in May and Jan in June. It was a busy year for bridal showers, weddings, and parties. I would not have missed a minute of it.

The end....or is it? Her saga continues.....part 2 - Life with Brian

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tres Amigos

Here we are.....the three amigos. One of us is earth, one fire, and the last one is water. We have a ball together. We have cruised the Carribbean together, covered the entire state of Florida, we are just BFF's. I love both of them.

Jo, the one in the hat, is a pistol. You would love her. She is a spitfire. Jo is a widow and Mary and I were both there when she went down that road. We did not want her to be alone. We also were with her when her second love died. That one was kind of see....Mary and I did not like little bit. Who knows....we were probably jealous about the time he was stealing from us.....but when we went to Louisiana to attend Pat's funeral with Jo....we met a person we did not ever know....It is our job to be supportive of each other and we take that assignment very seriously. Now, back to Jo....let me tell you about this woman....she is amazing she can do anything a man can do around a house....quicker and better. She is an excellent cook. She truly can bring home the bacon....and fry it up in the pan. You have not lived until you have eaten her chicken and dumplings. I don't even like the things but I love hers. She is just the neatest person ever. She dresses with a sensual style....and has an aura about her I envy. She never meets a stranger and owns any room she walks into. I wish I could do that....but alas....I cannot.

Mary, the one holding the very different. She is my soulsister for sure. I believe without a doubt that we truly were sisters from birth....just from other mothers. We can finish each others that can be scary. We can carry on multiple conversations with each other. Most of the people we meet think we are blood relatives. We are both very protective of the other. The two of us have a lot in common. We have children who walk to different did we. We are both transplants to Alabama.....we both love to read, scrap book, mess with computers, mess with photography (although she is better than me.) Mary is a military brat. She has lived all over the place but finished her years at home in Monroe, Louisiana. She can spout forth great words of wisdom in cajun and in french. She has a fascinating family history....especially the story about the Margarite law....still on the books in Louisiana. She loves the outdoors. She kayaks with her son, Jessie. She loves the beach.....and is very protective of my lilly white skin when we go to soak up the rays. We are business partners. We have a little travel agency on the side called Two Teachers Travel and we also have a couple of booths at Long Leaf Antiques and Flea Market in our town. We love hunting for the perfect thing to sell. Mary has a wonderful hubby, Bill. Now that man can do things on a grill that should be being sold in restaurants. I feel guilty that we get to eat his fare and the rest of the world does without. Too sad! I can't imagine my life without her in it. She picks up the pieces when I break, gives me strength when I am weak....and kicks my butt when I do something stupid. What a friend!

We are all a bit ADD. You cannot keep any of the three of us focused for any length of time. Mary and Jo share tats. They each have at least one. The only ones I have ever had were painted on in henna....or peel and sticks. I hate the thought of pain....and a needle. It doesn't matter if we have a barrel of money....are ragged and funny....we travel along.....singing our songs....side by side. Praise the Lord for such awesome friends. I hope when we are ninety and in the nursing home....people will still believe how cool we are.

Chao for now,


Watson B. Duncan III

I went to PBJC (lovingly nicknamed Peanut Butter and Jelly College). It was really Palm Beach Junior College. Actually, it was not in Palm Beach it was more in Lake Worth....but it was a great place for me to begin my college education. It was there....that my life path was chosen, unbeknownst to me. I knew at the age of 18 that I loved English....and I loved Shakespeare.....and it was all due to a professor called Dr. Watson B. Duncan III.

At 7:15 a.m. on a clear, Florida, fall day I entered the world of English 201 and Dr. Watson B. Duncan III. He greeted each of us at the door.....he was a large, wise, white-haired, tackily dressed man. We were lead to assigned seats and waited anxiously for the class to begin.

The curtains on the stage, heavy, maroon velvet, parted and there was....A BUNNY? Dr. Duncan was dressed, on stage, in a bunny suit and immediately began the day's recitation....Othello! It was very hard not to think of Othello, or even Shakespeare, as boring with a huge, pink, Easter bunny parading on the stage spitting out the lines of Othello to his audience.

After Act I Scene I ended he stopped, took off the bunny head, sat down on the stage and we had an intense discussion of Othello: Act I Scene I. WE had all paid attention, WE had learned, and his last line to the class was, "It's all in the presentation." I guess it is.

Dr. Duncan is dead now but I imagine him talking in heaven with Shakespeare, or God, in the bunny suit. Everytime I see a production of Othello I visualize Dr. Duncan as he was on that Florida fall day and I chuckle to myself(no one else would understand) and I remember.

You see, it is because of Dr. Duncan and Reverend Michael Jones that I teach today. These two men recognized my potential and pushed me to the limit. Every year I ask myself, "will anyone remember my own antics when I am gone?" Dr. Duncan's favorite quote was, "I teach, therefore I act." He did act and I did learn. He knew what the expression, "seize the day" was all about. I wish I could say, "thank you," to this great man. But I think somehow he already knows.....and he is smiling.

I got a thank you note on facebook last week from a student I had in the early 90's. She thanked me for all I did. She went on to say I inspired her to become a teacher and I started digging in my journals to find the entries about Dr. Duncan. He taught me how to teach her and so today as I sit here I know.....I have succeeded. And isn't that all we want out of life?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Alphabet Soup

I got the letter S for the alphabet game from my friend Trina. THANKS for not giving me the letter X. :) So, now I get to tell you ten things I love that begin with the letter S.

1. Siblings - I took a bit of poetic license here. They truly ARE siblings....just not mine. My son, Eric is 38 and even if he weren't mine I would think he was pretty amazing. My daughter Jenifer, is lovely. She is fiesty and very creative. My youngest daughter, Kathryn is exceptional. She is teaches and truly has a heart for her students. I would want her to be my friend even if she was not my daughter.

2. Soup - I love soup on cold winter nights. I love to find cool recipes for soup and then try them. Worst one ever was a butternut one....I think I read the recipe wrong. Best one was a chicken mushroom I found at a scrapping on Friday night.

3. And speaking of scrapping....I love scrapbooking. I have really enjoyed getting all my pictures put in some kind of order.

4. Silence - I love the sound of silence. It truly is golden. Since my parents have come to live with me silent moments are a premium.

5. Simon and Garfunkel music. I think my favorite song of their's is The Boxer.

6. Surf - I love the feel of the waves crashing onto shore. I love the smell of the surf. I love surfing....yep, definitely a multi task word.

7. Seattle - I love the place. I love the music on the streets, Pike Street Market, the wharf, the Space Needle, the city hum, everything about it. I could live and write here forever....or at least until my next favorite place lures me there. LOL!

8. Still Magnolias - I love singing with these guys. It is so fun to get together and write and sing music. It calms the savage beast that rages within me. When all is not well with my world....singing makes it all right.

9. Speaking of Still Magnolias....I love the movie Steel Magnolias. I love the scene at the funeral where Olympia Dukakis shoves Weezer in front of Mae Lynn and says..."here hit Weezer." It is priceless. How many times in our darkest moment....would we love for comic relief of this caliber.

10. I saved the best for last. The thing I love most that begins with the letter S is my Spouse, Frank - Love the man.....he is an awesome guy.