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Friday, December 18, 2015

Dear Ellen, Kruze Wants To Dance

For the past two years most of you have kept up with the little life of Kruze McCarley and her family from me.  Back on the 9th of December mom , Magen, asked me to write something and submit it on the Ellen show.  I sat down that night and began writing....and writing.....and writing.  There was so much to tell and Ellen needed to know it all.   When I went to the web page to submit my story I found that only 1500 words were allowed.  Sigh!  I cut the story to 1500 words and left it.  This morning I thought I would share the whole version with you guys.  I want to ask for you to pray for little Kruze.  She wants to dance....and I would love to help her

Dear Ellen,
I know that there are hundreds of deserving families all across the USA, but today I want to tell you about my friends, the McCarleys.  After a series of miscarriages and a diagnosis of never being able to have children, Magen and Keaton discovered that they would be parents the last week in September.  On September 28th, Jett was born.  He was the apple of the whole family’s eye, a true miracle.  But, that is just the beginning of my story.  In the Spring of the next year, Magen found herself pregnant again, with twins.  The family was amazed.  This began going downhill during her 16th week of gestation.  Magen had to quit her job and was put on bed rest.  In the 21st week of gestation, on the day of Jett’s first birthday party, Magen was airlifted to Birmingham and UAB Hospital.  On October 1st, the babies made their appearance into the world.  They would be the earliest surviving babies UAB had ever delivered.  Kash weighed in at 1.2 pounds and Kruze weighed in at 1.1 pounds.  They were tiny fighters and everyone in the NICU loved them.  Kash had so many serious health problems and on December 29th, with all of her loved ones gathered round she left her earthly home.  Kruze remained in the hospital for several more weeks and when it was time for her to come home 50+ Iron Order bikers lead her in.  The whole town turned out because everyone had been praying for this little one for a long time.  Before they left the hospital there the doctor’s prepared this fractured family with what they could expect from this little one.  According to all the tests they had run before letting her go home, Kruze would more than likely never hear, see, or speak.  She would have issues with upper respiratory infections.  She would probably never walk and she would probably have Cerebal Palsy.    It was ok with the family.  She was alive, she was loved, she was so tiny, but she thrived.  When Kruze was almost one her 28 year old daddy suffered a massive stroke.  He was airlifted to Atlanta.  This poor family had spent six months living at UAB and now found themselves at Emory in Atlanta.  They became the poster children for Murphy’s Law.  If anything could go wrong it did.  Magen is one of the most amazing young women I have ever known.  She just takes it all in stride and believes that God is in control….but,  now both parents were jobless and one of them was fighting for his life.  After many months at Shepherds in Atlanta Keaton came home.  He walks with a cane for short distances, he has no use of his right hand, and his speech and thought processes are very diminished.  Between therapists and doctor appointments their lives are an endless supply of medical bills.  Kruze celebrated her second birthday in October.  This little miracle who would never talk, see, or hear….jabbers constantly, sees, and hears well.  She is feisty and independent.  The best thing is that she walks….and well.  She is stiff when she walks, which is contributed to the Cerebal Palsy…but she walks.  She has therapy sessions each week and the therapist has suggested that Kruze take dance lessons to help with the Cerebal Palsy.  Magen took her to see if this would be doable….she was too young from formal classes, but the teacher allowed her to try…..and she loves it.  I would love to ask you for everything they could use….but to be honest Ellen….I would love for Kruze to have dance lessons.   Can you help this happen?  I hope she can.  I know that there are so many other deserving families who need a break in life....but if you cold just see her in her little would melt.  I know I do. 

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Mary said...

What a sweet letter. My heart goes out to that young couple.
Keep us posted on if Ellen responds!