Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lighting The Way With Wednesday Hodgepodge

Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you want to answer on your own blog, then be sure to hop over to Joyce's blog by clicking here.  Ready?  Here we go-

1. Do you try to set rules for yourself about how you use your time? Explain.  I am a school teacher so rules are a norm in my world. If I did not have rules I would not be very productive.  I set rules for working on lesson plans, doing housework, preaching, outside activities and that way I can also have time to do the things I love....write, blog, read, and of course....sleep.

2. Monday was National Lighthouse Day. Have you ever visited a lighthouse? If not, do you have any desire to see one up close? Of the 10 Most Beautiful that made this list which would you most like to see in person-  I have seen many lighthouses.  I actually have a Lighthouse Passport that I get stamped when visiting one.  Of the 10 on the list my favorites I have seen are:  Portland Head Light (Maine), Yaquina Bay Light (Oregon) The St. Augustine Light (Florida), and  Bass Harbor Head Station (Maine).  I also love Nubble (Maine), Sanibel(Florida), Boston Harbor (Mass), Quaddy (Maine), Old Mission (Maine)....and many others.  My retirement goal is to get my passport stamped by all of the lighthouse in America and Volunteer at a lighthouse in the North. 

When you've been away, what's your 'lighthouse' telling you you're on the right road home? The Cross on the Interstate near Chattanooga.

3. What have you unintentionally stopped doing? Is this something you need to pick back up and begin again, or is it something you need to let go of for now (or even permanently)?  Scrapbooking.  I found it was way too expensive, time consuming, and I just did not enjoy it.  I may pick it up again after I retire.

4. We've had a full week of August. Share a GRAND moment from your month so far. School started back for the 2017/2018 year and I experienced my Last First Day with the Senior Class.

5. Tell us one song you love with the word 'baby' in the title.  Baby I'm A Want You, 1971 by Bread.

 6.  Insert your own random thought here. The school year has begun.  I cannot tell you how many first day pictures I have seen.  I even posted one of the Seniors of 2018.  Did you always take that dreaded first day picture of your kids when they were young????

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