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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haviland Blue Garland Tablescape

When I was a teenager...barely 13, Publix was selling china. You bought so much in groceries, got a stamp for so many dollars spent, and you bought pieces of china with the completed stamp booklets. My mom and I were in Publix the day the display went up and I fell in love with Johann Haviland Blue Garland. We shopped regularly at Publix, so I began the collection process. I worked dilligently and even got friends who were not wanting to buy the china to get stamps for me. At the end of the selling period I had a complete service for 12. For years the china sat untouched in boxes and 1976...I got married. I did what every young bride is supposed to do, went to the jewelry store(at the time that was pretty much your only choice...Bed, Bath and Beyond was nonexistant)to pick out my silver, crystal,everyday and special china patterns. All of my friends had chosen Spode, Mikasa, you know...the fine bone china...but when I got to the jewelry store...there was nothing I wanted. I love I wanted my mom's silver (which I now have...complete with wooden case), I wanted Corelle everyday (because I am practical and had an instant family with two children under the age of 5), I wanted Libby glasses from Big K(in case the kids broke them). The jewelry store lady and my friends were frustrated with me because I did not want to pick out expensive china. I tried to make them all understand that I did not need the stuff...packed in boxes I had service for 12 of the prettiest stuff ever...the Blue Garland.

Over the years I have added silver chargers and replaced a sugar dish that was broken in a move...but 40+ years later...the Blue Garland is STILL my most prized possession....all 12 place settings, including the drink coasters.

There is a gravy boat, a soup tureen, salt and pepper shaker, sugar creamer, two serving bowls, 3 platters, coffee server,and a tiered serving piece. I have the old school Blue Garland....mine has the footed cups with the saucers. That is just what I wanted ...for some reason I had it in my head that I would be serving high tea or coffee to my lady friends during the day. Trust me...that was not going to happen in the town I moved to when I married. was not going to happen in my life...period. Yet, as a stay at home mom....every now and then...I would put on a pot of coffee....take out the Blue Garland cup and saucer, sit at the dining room table and dream.

The Blue Garland has been used many times over the years. My kids loved to see the table set with it. To them it meant company was coming, it was one of their birthdays, or they were getting a special treat. Mid-Atlantic Martha blogged about Blue Garland last week...and it made me want to do the I set up a table in my dining room (which we never use, since there is only the two of us)...and photographed my prize. Do you have a prized possession? What makes it your special thing? My story is simple...a young teenager...who loved collecting stamps...bought some grocery store china...and because she worked so hard to get it...placed value on it. I am 55 years old for a few more weeks...and still love the Blue Garland. I could have changed it for something else many times over...but I don't want to. Oh, and by the way...I still have Corelle everyday just can't break the things....and I currently own 6 Waterford goblets I bought in Ireland at the Waterford factory...6 more to go and I will have enough to set a complete table for 12....sigh...dream on! I love setting tables...I should work for Martha Stewart.


Tracy said...

I love your Blue Garland, very pretty.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Karen this is so pretty -- I can see why you've loved it so over the years -- It's a very classic looking china and looks very elegant and delicate. Your table all set looks lovley. Sheila over at Note songs has this china and Bill recently had a set for his give away.It must pretty if we all love it so much. Because we all have such good taste you know!

lagirl said...

Very pretty and the fact that you got it "piece by piece" in such a way makes it even more lovely...I'm a pottery girl - no China for me, so I gave my china to my daughter who LOVES it and gave it a good home.

♥Trina♥ said...

Very pretty! Any time you want to have high tea, just invite me over. :)

wind6 said...

No picture to post but my treasured, so-called china are the Currier & Ives - Early Winter. I think I'll do a post on my blog about my treasures and how they came to me.
Thanks Karen!!

Lori Lindsey said...

It's so nice reading how you acquired your China because I have the same set and got it the exact same way but it was around 1981, right after I got married. My grandmother helped me buy the eight piece setting and I still live it today. It lasted longer than the

Humberto said...

I have a set that looks almost exactly like that but it has no markings at all on the back. Very frustrating trying to find what brand it really is and buy more of it. I bought mine at a storage unit sale a few years ago and I love it.