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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What a Week!

What a week this has been.  Monday we went back to school after a week off.  Monday was three weeks long it seemed.  I love my breaks but going back is tough.  Next day off is Veterans' Day.  This side of the school year has lots of little is after Christmas that the months drag by without any breaks.  Monday nights I give guitar lessons to Bobby and we had a good time playing together.  He has really come a long way since we began.  Now it is more like just playing together instead of lessons.  Tuesday was choir practice at Rock Mills.  I go each week even though I don't sing with them on Sunday.  I love the socialization and getting to see everyone....and of course the singing.  It was Wednesday where my week went wonky.  Wednesday a cable was cut to the cell phones and Alex City had absolutely no service.  Land lines were all that worked.  We learned what we did before cell phones.....conversed with each other.  One of my fellow teachers said it was a new cure for ADD....called noverizon....and the generic brand was nomobile.  LOL.  Third block today I was called a b***h by a my face.  She went home for three days.  I guess no cell service was more than she could stand.  On my way home I stopped at a friends and dropped off some yarn I had borrowed from her.  We visited for a few minutes and then I headed to the house.  When I got home I was greeted by Frank who told me that we needed to go to Urgent Care and then he showed me his finger.  GROSS! 
Two stitches, no bone or nerve damage, and a splint later we were headed to Midway so I could do Bible Study.  All of the pharmacies were closed when we left the Urgent Care place so once the feeling came back Frank loaded up on Aleve until Thursday morning when he could call in the antibiotic and pain medication.  I did not sleep well because I was afraid I would knock the finger.  Thursday night we went to Beth and Ron's house for dinner and for Mexican Train dominoes.  Dexter and Renee came and Beth made the most wonderful beef casserole.  We had cream cheese and pepper jelly, brownies, salad, and the casserole followed by a riotous game of dominoes and a whole lot of fellowship.  Love these guys.  Friday the football game was 3 hours away in Ozark, AL.  The football team, cheerleaders, band, dancers, and a whole lot of coaches left after second block.  I had to cover a coach's fourth block class because they chose not to get subs for them.  By the time the class of 30 arrived there were only 10 left.  Kids were checking out to go to the game....and other things.  My last class of the day only had 3 boys.  When I got home Frank and I headed to LaGrange to buy the goodies for my church's Fall Festival tonight.  We made a quick stop at Marcies to see her....and of course Jett and Lyndi, he showed us how he can walk. I have to be honest I love that boy. There was  an added pleasure because Jill was there so it was a nice visit for sure. She could so be my daughter. We went to LaGrange because they have a Dollar Tree and of course Roanoke doesn't..  We ate dinner first at Pizzavilla (one of our most favorite restaurants),
did the Dollar Tree...and then stopped by Piggly Wiggly to get the new Sprite Cranberry (diet and regular).  I also bought a Sierra Mist Cranberry so I could compare the two.  The Sprite Cranberry was not pinkish like the Sierra Mist...but the taste is amazing.  You must get out and try it!  I am sure it will only be available for a limited time.  Today is clean up day at Rock Mills.  I have two cakes in the oven so I am running late.  What a day. Hope you have a great weekend.  BTW...Frank's finger is healing nicely.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad Frank's finger is better. My word, I can't believe the week you had. That was definitely post worthy!
The cranberry Sprite sounds yummy. I sit here at my computer most days :(
You are definitely living life to the fullest......