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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Taste of Thursday

It is Thursday and I have some more recipes I want to share.  I hope you enjoy them.  I love fall cooking.  As it gets cooler I am wanting soups, know those stick to your ribs kind of foods.  One of my favorite recipes came from my dear friend, Lori.  She brought it to a bowling eating and I fell in love with this taste of heaven. 
Chicken Corn Chowder
4 T butter
1 med onion(chopped)
2 cloves of garlic(minced)
2 lg cans chicken
2 sm cans chopped green chilies
2-14 oz cans of creamed style corn
1 t Tabasco
1 t cumin
2 T cilantro
Dash of salt
1 qt half-n-half
8 – 10 oz pepper jack cheese(shredded) - I use colby jack sometimes too and it is just as wonderful.
Melt butter, sauté onions, add chicken and garlic – sauté 5 minutes.  Add everything else.  Simmer 15 – 20 minutes until corn is tender.  Add shredded cheese right before serving.  Serve with tortilla chips or corn bread.
Sometimes I like a little salad to go with my soup.  When I make this one I always use this recipe.  It cuts some of the heat of the soup and it is so easy.
Oriental Ramen Broccoli Cole Slaw
2 (3 ounce) packages beef-flavor ramen noodles
 2 (8 1/2 ounce) packages broccoli coleslaw mix
 1 cup toasted slivered almonds ( leave these out because I am not a huge almond fan.)
 1 cup sunflower seed
 1/2 bunch green onion, chopped
 1/2 cup sugar
 3/4 cup oil
 1/3 cup white vinegar
1. Before opening noodles, crush into 1 inch pieces. Open packages and set aside flavor packets.
 2. Place noodles in bottom of large serving bowl. Top noodles with broccoli slaw, then sprinkle with almonds and sunflower kernels, and green onions.
 3. In a separate bowl combine sugar, oil, vinegar, and flavor packets from noodles. Pour over slaw, cover and chill up to 24 hours.
 4. Toss before serving.I am crazy about bread pudding and I am always looking for new recipes and new sauces to go with it.  Since being diagnosed with diabetes it has been a bit more of a challenge.  I have found a substitute bread pudding....when I want some.  This one is not diabetic friendly....but let me tell you it is awesome. 
Egg Nog Bread with Rum Glaze
2 eggs
 1 and 1/2 cups of regular eggnog (not low fat)
 2 tsp Spiced Rum ( I like Captain Morgans)
 1 cup white sugar
 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
 1/2 cup butter @ room temperatur
 2 1/4 cup all purpose flour
 1 (3.4 ounces of powdered) package of instant French vanilla pudding mix
 2 tsp baking powder
 1/2 tsp salt
 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
Preheat oven to 350. Spray your loaf, muffin etc. pan with non stick spray with flour.
In your mixer using the paddle – mix together the eggs, eggnog, rum, sugar, vanilla and butter. The butter will remain clumpy but that is just fine. In a separate bowl, sift the flour, pudding mix, baking powder, salt and nutmeg. Add the dry mixture to the wet and blend until incorporated. Avoid over mixing. Again, the butter will remain clumpy and this is to be expected. The butter will melt when cooking. The dough will be thicker – be aware.  Pour into your prepared choice of pan(s). Bake your mini loaves for approximately 30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. A regular loaf pan will take about 45-55 minutes.
Rum glaze:
1 cup sifted confectioners sugar
2 tsp eggnog
2 tbl Spiced Rum
1/8 tsp of ground nutmeg
Whisk together and pour over your cooled eggnog bread.
Bon Appetit!  I hope you will try at least one and comment back and let me know how you liked it.



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Three awesome recipes, thank you so much. My diet doesn't have corn right now but I definitely want to make that soup. I made a Ramen salad recently and loved it and I love, love, love Egg Nog. Yummy all the way!!!

The Bug said...

Oh my word you're killing me! It's just before 11:00 a.m. & I'm STARVING. I love broccoli slaw with ramen - might have to make that soon!