Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jesus Loves The Little Children

I was listening to a Ray Stevens song this morning on my way to breakfast with the Kramers and it gave me a great idea for my Children's minute on Sunday.  Good Morning Children. When I was a child my parents would sing the beginning of the Ray Stevens song in the car with my brother and I.  We sang a lot in the car.  What about you?  Did you and your family ever ride down the road singing songs like, "Davy Crockett, Oh You Can't Get To Heaven, "Jesus Loves the Little Children?"  We did....and I loved it.  I think that is why music is so important to me today.  But...that is not what my blog is sort of is.....I am going to hold up some money for the kids to see and ask them, "Do you know what this is?"   I am sure they will tell me what it is.....they are kids...and this is money.   I am going to step on a limb with my next comment....especially when I ask them, "Who would like to have this nice twenty dollar bill?"  I am sure they will be all over that one.   I will be sorry.....especially when I apologize for not giving it away at all because it’s valuable. Then I am going to fold it and ask " Would you still want it?  The next question will be,  "What if I scrunched it up very small like this? Would you still like to have it then?   My final questions will come after I scrunch it up and throw it on the floor and step on it? I am going to ask them if they would still want it?   Then I will follow that one up with "Why would you still want this old bill"?   Hopefully this will accomplish what I want and they will give me the write answer.  Then I will tell them that even though the bill is scrunched up, folded up, banged around and stepped on it is still valuable.   Children are so very precious / valuable to God. Even as adults we may feel a bit like the poor twenty dollar bill. Sometimes we feel we have been beaten up, scrunched up, stepped on and kicked around. But no matter what, we are still valuable to God. The Bible says that God loves us and we are always valuable to Him. We are "precious in His sight."    I want to stop and thank God that we are valuable to Him.  This week at school I have witnessed some cruelties from one student to another and it has broken my heart.  This week was abundant with kids making fun of other kids and I know it hurt.  You see....I have been there.  I was the kid who got made fun of.  We were not rich in money and I went to an affluent school.  People said cruel things about the death of my brother.  I was picked on for being a Tom boy.  The only place I ever felt I belonged was church.  The song Ray Stevens sings, "Everything is Beautiful" took me years to grasp.  I did not feel beautiful.  So when I see kids hurting other kids it breaks my heart.  I spent most of my young adulthood feeling like the wadded up and stepped on twenty dollar bill that no one wanted.  My thought to you is watch what and how you say never know when someone else will take it to heart and bury it there.  Sorry, but somewhere after the song link I decided to chase cats.  Happy Saturday.

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