Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, March 13, 2008

To My Daughter on Leaving for College

Today I was having a moment of melancholy. I was cleaning out a bookshelf in my classroom and found a beat up notebook full of old writings and ramblings from years gone by. The one that struck me most interesting was actually a published piece. I got a check for this bad boy....and then I grew long ago had I written this....then I remembered....10 years had passed. When did that happen? It seemed like only yesterday my little precious....was starting first she has a classroom of her own. I read the poem again....and knew that I had raised an exceptional daughter....I was a success....I folded the papers back in the book....and placed it back on the shelf....then had a second thought and took one sheet out of the stack....and used it on my blog today....

To My Daughter on Leaving for College

The day dawned bright and shiny
Yet a storm was brewing in my heart
We loaded the last of your life in the car
And headed down a new highway
One that you would go alone.

I watched you silently from the passenger seat
This was a new role for me
I had done all I was supposed to do as a parent
And, I had to set you free

We unpacked, arranged and you flitted off
Like a beautiful butterfly.
I walked away from you...feeling suddenly very old.
You were on your own.

A thousand thoughts flooded my mind.
Had I told you this? Had I taught you that?
I shielded my eyes against the sun and tears.
And let you go. Fly baby.

....I fold the poem again.....smiled at myself....and knew...she had flown. God is good....and I am truly blessed this particular Thursday in March.


Anna A Chiasson said...

That is so incredibly beautiful. My best friend is going through this exact thing today. I cannot wait until she can look back and feel successful and blessed -- even more than she already does feel that.

Thank you Karen.

Katjo said...

I am not always one for words so i was googling for poems to help me say to my daughter what i wanted to say in 3 weeks... Your words SPOKE my Heart... funny thing was, my friend call me Oueisser off of still magnolia and my daughters nickname is Kat... I trully think I was suspose to find this poem.. THANK YOU

Katjo said...

i am not one for words, so i was googling poems to try and say what i wanted to say to my daughter in 3 weeks when she leaves for college. I found this one..and it spoke straight from MY HEART... funny thing is my friends call me Ouisser from still Magnolia and my daughters nic name is Kat... I trully think I was suspose to find your poem.. THANK YOU


I was googling for a poem to tell my daughter how I feel now that she just left for college, and I am so thrilled I found your poem. Thank you so much!!!


Your poem is just perfect to express how I feel to my daughter that just left for college.
Thank you!!!