Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another One of Life's Disappointing Moments....or Was It?

Life is what you make of it. I have this lesson ingrained in my very core of being....but Saturday night something happened that really shook me up and rocked my world. I am part of a catering team....and we did the 1969 Benjamin Russell (the school where I teach) 40 year class reunion. It never occurred to me who might...or might not be there...a couple of hours before the shindig I found out that my very first real big girl crush, Steve McLeod, was going to be there...with a guest. For two hours I worried about...Was it his wife? What was she like? What was HE like? I have not seen or heard from this guy in almost 30 years. I was a nervous wreck. My partner and I set up, changed into our work clothes, and the crowd began to arrive...I looked towards the door a few times....and all of a sudden, there he was. He looked older than he did last time I saw him...but he was still Steve. I would have known him anywhere. My heart dropped to my feet. I could not breathe...or move. I finally made it back to the prep get myself pulled together. Then it happened. I walked out of the prep room, almost ran into him...and realized...he had no clue who I was...or that he even knew me. I was crushed. In my mind I guess he would see me across a crowded room...know me instantly....and we would pick up as if 30 years had not passed....but that is not what happened. I passed him several times during the evening....and he looked for a name tag...I wasn't wearing because I was the caterer...and he had a confused look on his if he was trying to pull me somewhere from the bowels of his memory. So much for lost love and it does not say much for me being unforgettable...curse you Nat King Cole. I went home and told my husband a modified version of the story...he said...why didn't you tell him who you were....well...leave it to a man to come up with an answer like that. I did not tell him who I was....because I wanted him to remember me. Nuff said? So...ladies if you feel you are unforgetable....don't kid yourselves...guys are not like us. (I know that is a sexist remark....but from the men I is pretty close to accurate.) Happy Magical Monday.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Darn! But I do have to admit -- because I moved so much during my school years -- I'm the one who can't remember who anybody is -- My husband went to school with the same kids from 1st through 12th grade and he knows everybody (even those in my class to years later!) bless him!

lagirl said...

That's a great story, but truly time is a monster, isn't it?! The good news is that since you didn't talk with him you will always think of him as being as charming now as he was when you knew him - truth is he may be a dimwit now, but you're spared from knowing that possible reality. Ohhh, I found the silver lining to your dark cloud. LOL