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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Richard, Rexton and Why I Teach

Teachers, if they are lucky, experience a child really special during their tenure in a classroom.  I have been a fortunate one and have had many students that I would call special.  Some of them have been outstanding ball players, some became doctors, lawyers, judges, and some have made it in the musical world.  Richard and Rex were two of those musical special students.  They would bring their guitars and come to my room every morning at 7 and we would play and sing until the call in bell rang.  Richard is a fabulous musician and when he finishes playing a guitar it actually sighs when he sets it down.  Before the boys graduated from high school the three of us sang together at the Loft in Columbus.  I have a picture on my desk that reminds me daily of that night.  Everytime I look at that picture I remember just exactly why I do what I do. 

But back to the guys, Richard is currently playing with a group, the Vegabonds, that is touring the United States.  He alone is fantastic....but his group is phenomenal.  Back in April they opened at SunFest in West Palm Beach for the Allman Brothers Band.  Can you imagine that....opened for the Allman Brothers. 
Rexton is in Nashville and sings all over the south.  He is a down home country boy, the kind girls scream over, momma's love, and has a voice that you could listen to forever.   I was on facebook this morning and found Reverbnation and through that was able to share one of his new songs with you all and I do this with pride.  When I heard the song this morning I actually cried because it touched a nerve.  It is called "Somethin" to Someone" and it is one of those songs that you will never forget....even if it doesn't mean something to know someone it applies to.  I have had many good years with many wonderful kids....and you is the kids like Richard and Rex that make you proud you are a teacher.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great voice he has and it's a wonderful song too. I know you are so proud of these boys and you should be. Great job!