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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project 365 - Week 33

What a week.  Between inservice meetings and working in my room the week has flown by and now I wonder if I am really ready for the students to arrive on Monday.  I still have a bulletin board to fix because I never remembered to get my black fabric from the house to get started. I guess I will get there a little early and do it first thing Monday morning.  I don't have early morning duty til September so I will have some time to get it done.  I have a clean room and my first block class books are all assigned and on their desks.  Here is a little glimpse of what my week has been like;

Sunday, August 12th
Susan and I came home from our class reunion and stopped for gas in Ocala, FL.  The Big Daddy Don Garlits museum was behind the gas station so we took a few minutes to stretch our legs.

That is a drag racer on top of the pink marble stand.  My dad used to take me to the drag races when I was a kid.  I loved the likes of Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, and Connie Colletta.  If you have never watched it you need to watch "Heart Like a Wheel."  It is the story of Shirley Muldowney.

Monday, August 13th
Happy Birthday Eric!
Got the desks lined up....for the first of three times....and clean. I am going to have some really large classes this year.  I am lucky though....there are some classes that are huge and will not fit in the classroom.   They are meeting in the auditorium.  We are short teachers this year and all classes are larger than before.  I will be glad to see proration end.  I also miss the days when I took Jill and Kat to school with me and they helped me get ready.  Now they are in their own classrooms getting ready.

Tuesday, August 14th

First Day handouts are done and run.  I am now going through markers and discarding the ones that don't write anymore so I can replace them with new ones.

Wednesday, August 15th
One of our inservices has to do with how to do a successful collaborative project and assess it.  In this example the group of four have to build a rectangle for a porch.  It was so funny to watch.  The men all seemed to stand and discuss what they were doing wrong.  I have built a deck with ASP so I know how to....but I sure was glad my name was not called out.

Thursday, August 16th

Tonight we celebrated Ryden Spiveys first birthday at a Mexican restaurant outside of Wedowee.  The food was great, Ryden was precious and the four girls in the last picture are his mom and her sisters.  The one in the black top, Shelby is the mom and expecting baby number 2 in December.  They live in Virginia where her husband is stationed.  I love these girls.  They are all so unique and such fun.  I am glad we were included in the birthday dinner.  They are having another party on Saturday evening but we will not be able to go.  I am working at a 50th year class reunion for Valley High.  I am taking pictures of everyone as they come in and during the event.

Friday, August 17th
Today I got my quince doll put in her place of honor in my classroom.  Today I finished everything except the bulletin board and my Spanish II pacing chart.  I am as ready as I can be for Monday and excited/  I love the beginning of school.

Saturday, August 18th

The class of '62 had a classic car group bring cars to the parking lot of Sunny's.  It was great seeing cars from my childhood.  I loved these guys and they loved their cars.  The backdrop picture with the three band students is where I took everyones photo.  The band students served as my living mannequins in the picture.  These are the new Valley High band uniforms and the young man in the center is their drum major.  They were all quite dapper.  I had a great night and was glad to get home. It has been a great week and if you want to see what everyone else has been doing then hop over to Sara's blog and check it out.  Have a great week.


sara said...

that's a lot of working getting your classroom ready for the start of school! I will be praying for a wonderful and smooth first day!!!

Kim said...

Praying for a successful start to the school year!

Not sure if you're aware, but Rita (Meemaw Moments) taught college Spanish for a number of years.

I love classic cars too. Ivan and I would love to have the time (and money!) to restore an old classic. I was thrilled last year when we went to a show and the owner of a car I was admiring invited me to sit inside it :) They truly don't make them like they used to!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

She is a beautiful doll. Your classroom looks awesome! Have a great year.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I use to live in Ocala... bought my first house there and I have to say I totally loved that area! I hope to one day go back and visit.

I use to help my Mom get ready for school. She use to teach Kindergarten. All summer long we would tear out papers and get paper packets all organized then the week before it was all spent getting the classroom ready to go. She always had a full class of 25 kids. She was an awesome teacher but she doesn't teach any more.
Have a blessed first week of school!

rita said...

Ah, memories of the start of the school year. I don't miss it.
Actually this year we will be involved in a Sunday Scool class for college students and may also be helping as 'wing hook-ups'. Even today we rode bikes with a group of chapel leaders. Wonderful kids! And i speak Spanish with anyone who will listen, especially those who have or are taking Spanish.