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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 A- April Challenge - K is for Kat

It is my birthday week and I am so excited to be blogging full force on the 2015 A-Z challenge. Today's letter is K and my K is for Kat.  No, I did not spell it wrong.  Kat is my pet name for my daughter Kathryn.   She was supposed to have been born Emma Leigh....but then I could not have used her a my K word.  I had a few issues when she was born and spent a long weekend waiting for her to make her appearance.  All the other mothers on the floor had babies and when their babies were visiting I could not have company....and no one adhered to this rule more than the nurse assigned to my end of the hall.  Her name was Emma Lee....and she was a battle axe.  I cried more than once from Friday to Monday because of her....needless to say....My Emma Leigh became Kathryn Leigh.  When she was a baby I would sing her this little lullaby we called "Sweetest Little Rosebud."  I tweeked the words a bit because she wanted me I did. The song was actually called "Mighty Like a Rose"....but she didn't like we just changed the title too.  My lyrics went something like this:

Mighty like a rose

Sweetest little rosebud
everybody knows
not sure what to call her
but she's mighty like a rose
sweetest little baby
sweet as she can be
she's my little darling
and I love her don't you see.
Sweetest little rosebud
sweet as sweet can be
She's my little darlin'
My little Kathryn Leigh.
She loved it....and I loved singing it to her.  I had quite a plethora of songs I used when she was tiny....and right now....I wish I could hold her close in our rocking chair and sing them to her again.  She and her husband Brian are missionaries in Moldova....and the funny thing is....she was a rocking baby....and one day I turned around and she was loving children in an orphanage halfway across the world from me.  I spoke with her's amazing how close Moldova can be via Skype, Messenger, etc.  She wanted to hear me sing "Via Dolorosa" after the prom last night....I recorded it for her.....while I was in my pajamas.  I loved it....and so did she.  Yep, today my K is for sweetest little rosebud.


nashvillecats2 said...

What a wonderful post, I hope your birthday goes with a swing. Kat is beautiful and your writing of her will I know be appreciated,

Yvonne....passing through from the A to Z Challenge.

Moonie said...

Aww a lovely name for a beautiful daughter. Skype is sure wonderful when you are out on the field. Waiting months or years for a letter makes being away so much more difficult.

Happy A to Zing

Team Jones said...

I love you momma! I actually just shared sweetest little rosebud with one of our girls this week:) That song will be carried on in the hearts of many. I love you!