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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hodge Podging Wednesday

I did not know til this morning that Hodgepodge is so a verb. Thank you Joyce for that piece of trivia I can file in the trivia portion of my brain's file cabinet.  Welcome to your mid-week fun in the form of a Wednesday random. Newcomers are always welcome to join in, but please don't link unless you've actually answered the questions. Hop over to Joyce's blog by clicking here.  Do hop over and say hi at least to the blogger who linked before you, because we're friendly here on this side of the pond.

1. June 23rd is National Pink Day. What's your favorite something pink?  I don't wear pink as a rule.  I have a bright pink T-shirt from St. Augustine that my friends Deborah and Jill brought back from the beach and gave me for my birthday.  I love I!  I also love pink roses and Gerber Daisies. 
 2. What did you enjoy most about gym class when you were in school? How about the least?
I was not a huge fan of gym class.  I loved it when we played with the medicine ball, played volleyball, and did square dancing.   As far as least favorite? How about the whole showering at school in the middle of the day nonsense, or sometimes almost right after getting to school if you were unlucky enough to have gym first period? Do p.e. teachers still stand at the shower door with a clipboard and check off your name after a shower? I actually took an F in junior high because I would not shower with the teacher standing there.  I had p.e. last period...dressed, walked home, and showered at the house.  I hated the uniforms we wore, and the Presidents physical fitness things...I had double jointed wrists and could not do the activities the normal way.
3. What memory is brought to mind by the smell of roses?
My mom had roses and they were mom has been dead for a while and when I smell roses I feel she is present.

 4. Do you prefer to read or write? 

 5. Sam Keen is quoted as saying, 'Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.' Would you agree? Is laziness ever respectable? How will you be lazy this summer? 

I don't see summer as a time of lazy....I garden, I take summer classes to get CEU's for school.  Occasionally I take a lazy Saturday....and read, paint....nothing strenuous.   It is summer....I am in the Smokies....I am being lazy......not making my bed....not cooking....sitting a visiting.
6. The Florida Keys, Disney World, or a resort somewhere on the Gulf Coast...which Florida destination would you choose (and why) if the trip were today?
Yes.....I love the Keys....I love the Gulf Coast....Disney is fun....but I would choose the Keys or the Gulf Coast....right now.  I would leave from the Smokies and go straight there. 
7. What's a question you hate to answer?  When someone calls me on my house phone and asks me, "Are you home?"  Hello!  This is a land line....not a cell phone.
8. Insert your own random thought here.  I love the Smokies, my favorite place in the world is Cades Cove. Have you ever been to the Smokies?  What is your favorite place?

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Wendy said...

Your #7 gave me a chuckle. Indicative of how many people are so used to cell phones these days.