Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Friday, September 4, 2009

BOLO - Be On the Look Out....Silver Alert

What a week I have had. I have to admit...when I tell you this will never believe it. On Tuesday I began to experience every child with aging parents worst nightmare. At 9:00 on Tuesday night I had to call the police to let them know that my parents were missing...and had not been seen since 1:00 when they left their friend Gay off at her house. At first it felt ridiculous...but as time began to pass...I became more frantic. At 11:00 the Alex City Police Dept called to let me know they had been found at their house...and contact had been made....but it was a false alarm. I came home from the drive to Kellyton...empty feeling. I slept an hour on Tuesday night...only to wake up early....staring at the big empty place where they usually park. I went to school early to leave lesson plans...I just knew that they would be found...Kat called me while I was at school and let me know she was on her way....once she got here we left Frank manning the phones and we began scouring the no avail. They were nowhere to be found. Weds. afternoon....after several futile attempts to locate them...I called the Dept. of Public Safety and they issued a Media Blitz. One of Kat's friends called Kim Hendrix at WSFA Channel 12 and gave her the story....we sent a picture....and the story aired at 5:30...and again at 10:00. People came and went all day, bringing food, calling, praying, hugging, it was such an emotional day...and there was no news. Weds. night fell and I began realizing that this was probably not going to have a happy ending...but I refused to give up. I got an Alabama map and began to create quadrant maps for the search parties that were going out on Thursday. We came up with 7 maps. The searchers came, got a map, food and water...and began their searches. Kat's friends from Montgomery came and we paired some of them with locals and gave the ones who were not paired with a local detailed search area maps...and they all began. By one had seen anything...and I was feeling so very phone rang and Mrs. Leola Lashley told me her son had just been called to go and get their van....the police called and said they had been found! I cannot describe the feelings that rushed through me. Where had they been? For two days they were stuck in a muddy ditch with a blown tire...down a pig trail road that leads to Fox Creek - part of the Tallapoosa River. This is a place where kids go to drink, sell drugs and park....They could have been killed...and in all of our searching....we would never have found them....none of us would have gone down this road. So, we all jumped in Shareefa's car and headed to the hospital. People began pouring into the hospital parking lot...they had been found. They were dehydrated, starving, but ok...and they were a muddy mess. WAKA Channel 8 showed up with a camera and a reporter....and I was so tired. I looked rough on camera. I am now I must close my eyes and rest...Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have this happen to you? I hope was not fun. I am still feeling strange. They are still in the hospital tonight...they are not going to come home with me...they are being sent to assisted that is another battle for another day....and I am so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open. God is so Good...all the time...isn't he?


Xazmin said...

Wow. I can't believe you had to go through that.

I'm so sorry you had such a scare...but so glad that they are safe!

As always, you are in my prayers.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh, Karen! I cannot imagne what you have gone through, not having experiences it, but I will bet it was awful. I am praising God that your parents were found safe and that they are in good hands with the hospital and assisted living. I think that will be good for them. And keys...I think it is a good time to get the keys from them, though they might resent losing some of their independance, I think it safest to have to ward off some resentment that to have to go through a similar situation.
You're in my prayers, friend! So terribly sorry for your experience, but again, Praise God for a happy ending!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a horrible experience! I'm so sorry that you all had to go through this. Assisted living will be a good place for them at this point -- and a good place for you as well. Lifting you all up in prayer.

Jacki said...

Wow! This is the stuff you hear on the news and never expect it to happen to anyone close to you!
I'm so sorry for all of the heartache....but I rejoice with you that they are ok! God IS good....all the time!


Beverly said...

Bless your heart. What a frightening experience! I'm so glad all ended well.

Ms. Marty said...

Trina texted me as soon as she heard the news. You were constantly in my heart and prayers. Indeed God is good - all the time -- God is good. So very happy you had a good ending and that with the assisted living option, all will be better. Love you and wish you well.

Scott said...

karen, thank you for sharing your story. i know everyone is still exhausted and emotionally drained. you are still in our prayers. here's a link to my poetry blog as promised. - mandy (from the school), but maybe sometime before long kat will take me to a concert and then you'll be really confused! :)

Kelly said...

You were right. I could hardly believe the story. Bless your sweet heart. I can imagine the agony you went through until they were found.

I'm wishing you a better week ahead!

lagirl said...

What a nightmare!
So happy this had a happy ending.
Sweet dreams - sleep well tonight.