Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, September 7, 2009

In Mandy's Words

My daughter Kat has a friend named Mandy....actually...she has two and is very lucky that they are part of her life. They both came to my house while we were looking for my parents...and they don't even know them. Anyways Kat has told me numerous times that Mandy B. is very much like me. She says she can imagine that when I was 30 this would have been the way I was...and she is right. Mandy writes poetry...and beautifully. When they were here she told me she would share it with me and I was so touched by this one I had to share the link with you. It was written back in July...who would have ever known how much it would touch my heart in September. I think that is what is so awesome about a good poet, what they write about comes from their souls...yet it touches the souls of all who read. Cool thought huh? I hope you all have a blessed day. My parents are with me for a couple of days while the Meadows, assisted living, prepares for their arrival on Tuesday. Pray I survive my mom....she is very beligerent about why were we searching for her...they knew where they were...they were only gone a few hours...why did I overreact so....and on and on. I honestly cannot wait for tomorrow. She told her doctor yesterday...that I was with them on the road....that my dad got out and slept in the ditch...and I laid down on top of him to keep him warm. My aunt could not believe this new addition to the story...we will probably never know the real version. Selective amnesia is a nice thing...anytime something you experience is too painful to just close of the curtains and shut it out. Tuesday will get here eventually and Sigh...I will miss yet another day at work. I am beginning to forget what I do for a living. Will there ever be a sense of normalcy in my life again? Click here to go to Mandy's poem "He Speaks in Poetry." he speaks in poetry - The Burbs's MySpace Blog | Southern Strangers
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Mandy said...

karen, i am pleased that you identified with my poem. i write them to share, not to hoard. i actually read that very same poem to kat the day i wrote it and it was also FOR HER even though i didn't know it. we are all connected. what a gift.