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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Preps in Full Swing

Since the day we found out that I am allergic to cedar I have had an artificial tree, which makes it nice because I can put my tree up Thanksgiving weekend.  I never start until Black Friday....since I don't do the holiday shopping madness I stay home, listen to Christmas music, watch sappy Christmas movies and decorate.  I love this day!  Yesterday we veered from the normal a bit and did make a run to an antique toy store in Newnan.  It was quite going into one from the 1950's.  It had loads of OLD toys, a hardwood floor that squeaked when you walked on it, and tons of vintage things that brought back lots of memories.  When we finished we made a couple more stops and then headed home.  The decorating began with dragging all the bins in and putting together the tree.  This year is special....this year I am using the real Christmas tree base that my family used when I was a child...that is until the year my brother died.  We did not use it again after that.  I am having Open House at the parsonage so I am doing more decorating than I normally do and when I get through I will post pictures and let you see how it looks.  I did a 6.5 ft tree in the den.  It is filled with memory ornaments.  Did I mention that I am an ornament buff.  I love them.  On this tree are special for Kat's first Christmas, one with our picture the year we married, several my Aunt Shirley made, firefighter ornaments, teacher ornaments, ornaments my students have given me over the years....sigh....with every ornament I place on the is a moment of nostagia for me. 

The second tree is 3.5 feet and it is in the music/living room.  It has all my music ornaments on it....the guitar my mom gave me when I was 13, two crocheted ornaments from my Aunt Shirley, a mike, other guitars, french horns, treble clefs, houses the ornaments of places I have been....there is a statue of liberty, one from Summerville and Rainbow Row in Charleston, some light houses....while we were cleaning at my mom's house...when we found the base....we also found several boxes of Shiny Bright ornaments.  So...on the second tree I have some tiny bells (probably circa 1950)...and some ornaments like the ones above.  How cool is that.  These ornaments make this tree a very special tree too.  Both of the big trees have icicles on them.  I love the glisten of icicles when the lights hit them.  Most of my friends use garland....which do you use? In each room I have a small 18" tree with tiny office room has a tree with red balls, the second guest bedroom has one with blue ornaments, and my bedroom has one with blue ornaments too.  The guest bathroom has one with red and white ornaments....and then kitchen will have a white fake tree with kitchen ornaments on it.  Santas, snowmen, carolers,and reindeer are scattered throughout the house.  My dining room table is bearing a white tablecloth with a red initialed runner...and the centerpiece is being made for me by my friend Jo.  She does such an outstanding job on floral things.  I on the other hand do not. My Open House is on December 12th and I will be away next weekend at the Alabama Education Association Representative Assembly in I have to get as much done now as I can.  December 1 we are having the youth and children from the church over for a weiner/marshmallow must be clean.  I am glad I have had these few days off and am looking forward to the Christmas holidays.  Hope you have a safe weekend....God Bless You All....real good!

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I just did a post about my tree and the reasons that this time is special to me!

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