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Friday, September 9, 2011

Frank's Fretwork and My Student's Cascarones

My precious Frank has rekindled a passion from long ago....andno, it is not what you are thinking, it is NOT another woman.  Nope...he has been spending a lot of time with his new love....and I am perfectly ok with it because he is out in our his newly created workshop.  What he is producing in his man cave is amazing.  I am so proud of him that I took some pictures of what I have left to share with you and I have actually sold these...He has just completed a very special piece that I am going to do a post on by itself....I am amazed at the time this takes and the patience it involves.....definitely not a hobby for me. 

He did one of these for David and Susanna.  He painted it black and put it against a white background.  It was really a lovely piece.
Are these not lovely?  The teacher apples will make great teacher gifts and he customizes the colors to your school.  He is soon going to be doing crosses and Christmas ornaments.  I know they will be as awesome as what he has already produced.  I am so proud of him!

Student Made Cascarones
A week ago we talked about cascarones in Spanish I class and I gave them the directions for making some.  I told them if they made one and brought it to me by today, Friday, September 9th I would give them some bonus points.  In the past I have had many eggs turned in for those illusive bonus points.  Today, I have one had four.  They are not hard to make.
Directions for Cascarones: 
Step One:  Open each egg, by carefully cracking the top and making a hole about 1/2" - 1/3" wide.  Then you empty out the egg.  You can save and freeze the egg you remove.  Wash the shell in warm water and dish soap.  Let it soak for 10 minutes.  Gently swish the water around inside the shell, rinse, and let air dry.  These shells can be kept forever.
Step Two:  Decorate the eggs.  They can be colored using Easter egg colors purchased at a store, with food color and water, or even crayons or acrylic paint.  If fancy eggs are desired, first dip the eggs in egg color then allow them to dry before you paint flowers, bunnies, etc with acrylic paint.  Stencils are also a great way to apply cute decorations to your egg without the need for an artists eye.

Step Three: After your eggs dry completely then fill them with confetti.  Any type of confetti works; colored construction paper torn into little bits with be fine or you can buy filling at the story.  Fill the eggs about 1/3 of the way full.  (I do not allow my class to use is a mess to clean up in the classroom and ends up everywhere.)
Step Four: - Next the eggs need to be capped.  You will need tissue paper, scissors, and glue.  Cut squares of tissue paper large enough to cover the hole at the end of the egg.  Draw a small ring of glue around the opening of the egg and apply a sheet of tissue paper.  Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry and you are done.
At Easter and other celebrations....cascarones are broken over someones head and IF they broke you will have good luck....if they don't break.....your luck is bad.  But come on now...they are hollowed egg shells and unless you have put them in a suit of armor...they are going to break.  It is a fun craft for children's groups.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Sweet Tea said...

I had to run right over here to see what "cascarones" are. Now I know!

Frank is doing a great job.
I bet his work will be in high demand come Christmas!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I love what he does. Also you project at school looks like it was a lot of fun! Have a nice weekend.