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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project 365 - Week 38

Welcome to Week 38 of Project 365.  I began this back in January and so far have not missed a day.  It has been very helpful for me with the planning aspect of photography....although more often than not I just see it...and shoot it.  I hope you will view my offerings, as poor as they are, and then go over to Sara's blog and look at some of the other pictures.  The whole concept here is to take a picture a day and then provide a brief explanation.  I am a writer....brief is not in my vocabulary.  I have had a busy week so my shots of are random things for the most part.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope in the next few weeks you will begin to see a change in my pictures. 
Sunday, September 11th
The moon and trees were not cooperating with me tonight.  I almost forgot to take a picture today.  Frank's sermon left me an emotional wreck.

Monday, September 12th
I never realized until I started doing P365 just how pretty the sun is from my parking space at school when it peeks through the trees.

Tuesday, September 13th
I started taking a photography class at Auburn University today.  My neighbor and her mom also attend so it is fun to have someone in the class with me.  I probably would not have ever done it on my own.  This was the first picture he asked us to make.  It is the light in the classroom and it is Tungsten light, so I had to set my a buttom on my camera to accommodate for that...and could not use a flash.

Taking a multitude of notes.  If the instructor spoke...I wrote it down.

 Shooting each flash....on AV(A for Nikon users) mode in the class room.  My neighbor is the one on the right....she is so much fun.  Her mom is my shooting partner.  We have the same camera and is too funny.

Wednesday, September 14th
Wednesday morning as I pulled out of my driveway this was my view of the sky.  It reminded me of rainbow sherbet.

Thursday, September 15h
I think this was a direct message to me from the big guy upstairs.

Friday, September 16th

We went to Mrs. Betty Jeans to borrow two huge ferns for tomorrow night.  Her bougainvillea's were gorgeous so I spent some time checking out her flowers while Frank loaded the two ferns.  She invited us in but we were meeting Marcie and Sherry at the church and had to go.  I could spend forever in her yard.

Saturday, September 17th
Today was the Rock Mills Heritage and Pottery Day.  I had to go down with camera in tow and see what was going on.  I actually love this day because of the really cool pieces of pottery and history lessons that are out and about.
Dominos being played outside the pottery shop.  Bro Frank Foster (the Nazarene pastor) runs the pottery shop and makes some really gorgeous pieces.

One of our neighbors caning a chair.  He was amazing....he caned, talked to the crowd, smiled for my camera, and never missed a tuck.  AMAZING!  When I finish my photography class I am going to learn how to do this.  He said he would teach me if I wanted to learn.  It is a dying art...and yes, I do want to learn this.

The Rock Mills VFD had an information table set up and were giving the children fire hats, suckers, coloring books, and stickers.  I am glad they were in the shade and there was a nice breeze blowing.  Frank does not ever meet a stranger so I came up on him and caught him talking Navy with another veteran.  You got to love him.

There was a vintage car display.

Still Magnolias did a benefit for Frank tonight at our church.  He is trying to raise money to go to the Holy Lands with his Course of Study classes.  Amanda, Rebecca and I had so much fun as we did what we do best....sing. Thanks to all the ladies who baked cakes for the bake sale...they looked heavenly.  BTW...don't those ferns of Mrs. Betty Jean's look lovely on that stage?  I thought so too.  Thanks also to all the people who turned out, brought food, ate a hot dog, and gave.  A special thanks to Marcie and guys rock.  What an event you made this evening.  We started out with our warm up set while people gathered....then we moved into a gospel set and invited Mrs. Jean to come and join us on the stage to sing Victory in Jesus (Marcie's favorite) and He Touched Me (Mrs. Betty Jean's request).  I love Rock Mills!
Hope your week is a good one.  Mine looks like another busy one.  Stay safe and be blessed.


sara said...

wow, you have had a busy week!!!

I am buying a new camera this week and taking a class. It's a step up for me but not a DSLR. But I am excited!!

the Heritage and pottery day sounds so fun!! And I wish you had gotten some video so that we could all have enjoyed your music!!!

The Bug said...

You had some GREAT pictures this week - love the sun & the flowers. I'm with Sara - I'd love to hear you guys sing.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your pictures are lovely and I bet your going to love your class. I should take one and would if I weren't so lazy!!

LuAnn said...

How fun a photgraphy class. We had one at church last fall and it is amazing all the things to learn about your camera.

rita said...

Great 'abstract' photo.
Mike would love to visit the pottery day!
Have another fun week!