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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Would A Teacher Contemplate A Change In Career?

Something happened to me today that really shocked me.  Several students from a local community college were here interviewing teachers about a variety of stuff.  I asked one of the girls what her major was and she replied Math Education.  I told her without even stopping to think that she should rethink that career choice.  How sad is that?  I WANTED to teach, I CHOSE this profession,   I LOVE the kids, I LOVE teaching....but it gets harder to do it every day.  Since 2009 education in Alabama has been in pro-ration....and will be there until 2013....or beyond.   Every year since 2009 we have lost teacher units, programs, textbooks, and the list goes on.  I spend more and more out of my pocket to make sure I have what I need in my classroom.  Come on!  I have a Master's Degree.  I went to school for 6 years to get this degree.....what do I get for my hard work and investment in my education?  Retirement and insurance keep going up....and my pay has not budged....until this started the downward spiral.   I spend countless hours at home working on things to make my class exciting and entertaining (key word here...entertaining....yet I don't get paid the big entertainment money). that enough to change careers?  Nope...not yet.  I have to add in the increasing numbers of classes average around 30....and growing larger every day.  Add to that students that don't believe in respecting their elders....oh they are not all that way.....but the number is increasing.    Students are never wrong....parents think we are idiots...our motto is for the success of the student, community.....but no where are we, the teachers, addressed.  What about my success.  How am I supposed to teach a language to students who glower at me as if they hate my guts, call me ugly names, sleep through my class, miss 2+ days a week.  Oh yes....I guess I should tell you that my name is really, Anne Sullivan and I am a miracle worker.  I will be honest....if I were not so close to retirement....I would contemplate a change.....I have three years left after this one.....but with the way things are going....I may not make those years.  Who knows who will be cut in the next round of eliminations.  I kind of feel like a contestant on American Idol.....and it is all about the number of cell phone call ins I get.  I would hate to think that my teaching career had just begun.  Teaching used to be fun.....but to quote an old blues song written by B.B. King in 1969, "The thrill is gone baby!"  Thanks for letting me whine.   Happy Friday!


Nezzy said...

Darlin' I so understand!!!

I retired five years ago and things had truly changed over the thirty years I was involved with education. Not only with the system but the attitudes of both students and parents.

Hang in there sweetie, I could lie and tell ya things are gonna get better when the fact's probably not.

....and I'm a chick who almost always sees the proverbial glass more than half full.

My prayers are with ya.

God bless and enjoy your weekend sweetie!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

We all have to whine sometimes.
So sorry for your troubles. ((HUGS)) Hope you have a nice weekend.