Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Mary tagged me this morning and since this is 2012 and I knew year I figured that this this would be a fun way to get acquainted, so I hope if I tagged you, you will play along.
1. Post these rules. 
2. You must post 11 random things yourself.
3. Answer the ques­tions the tag­ger set for you in their post.
4. Cre­ate 11 new ques­tions for the peo­ple you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tag­ging sec­tion about ‘you are tagged if you are read­ing this.’ Blah blah blah, you legit­i­mately have to tag 11 peeps!
And the questions forMary's 11 tag-ees are at the bottom of the post:
My 11 Random Things:
1.  I .am addicted to auctions.
2.  I'm hooked on Hanging with Friends and Words with Friends.
3.  I love to watch Storage Wars and Pawn Stars on television.
4.  I have love to clean to classical music.
5.  I sang in our church youth choir, New Dawn.
6.  I never joined a sorority when I was in college.
7.  I love a good sandwich on pumpernickel or rye bread.
8.  I love dill pickles.
9.  I have non-diagnosed - ADD (OS) - Attention Deficit Disorder (Oh Shiny!)
10. I have sung for two sitting presidents (Kennedy, Nixon)
11.  I was a three day returning champion on the TV show Top Card!  

Here are my responses to Mary's 11 questions:
1.  Who is your favorite singer/music group?  
Come all know I have hundreds of favorite songs so that means equally the same number of favorite singers.  My all time favorite is Still Magnolias....think I am prejudiced or what?
2.  Do you have a favorite game to play on the computer/tablet/iPad/iPod?  If so, what is it?
Easy...Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends...I am all about some word games.
3. What is your favorite movie?
Another easy one....Still Magnolias
4.  How long did you know your spouse when you got married?  If you're not married, what is the longest  you have seen someone?
4 years. 
5.  Were you involved in music in high school/college?
I sang in the chorus at school and in the church youth choir, New Dawn.
6.  What special group were you involved in during high school/college?
None.  I was a non-conformist and non-joiner back in the day.  I went to school.  I went to church....period.
7.  When you're all alone, what do you like to eat for dinner?
Oatmeal or a sandwich
8.  Left or right handed?
Right handed
9.  How tall are you?
5'5" with the heart of a 6 footer
10.  What is your favorite pair of shoes?
My BASS Weejuns
11.  How long have you lived in your house/apartment/condo?
Hummm...I am a pastors wife and we live in far this time....two years

And my lucky 11 people are:
Be Still and Know
Bugs Eye View
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Jerralea's Journey
Just Breathe
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Screaming Mimi
Ladner's Latest

And your questions are:
1.  What is one item on your bucket list?
2.  Where did you spend your most favorite vacation?
3.  How many are in your family?
4.  What is your least favorite chore to do?
5.  What is the best thing you cook?
6.  What is your favorite restaurant?
7.  When you were younger what was your dream job and are you doing it now?
8.  Do you play a musical instrument, and if so what is it?
9.  Where did you meet your best friend?
10.  What is your favorite television show?
11.Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Thanks for playing.  I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did.  Have a wonderful Tuesday and if you are traveling home from the BCS National Championship keep it between the ditches.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I need to try Words with Friends. How awesome that you sang for two presidents! I've never heard of Top Card but how cool was that?
Enjoyed reading your answers and thank you for tagging me. I am posting on Thursday. You are my fourth tag with this one.