Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Goodwill Shopping vs "Real" Shopping

I love shopping at Goodwill Stores.  There is something about a thrift store that puts me into some kind of treasure hunt frenzy.  My good friend, Glenda and I went Goodwill shopping in the Biloxi, MS area today.  It was a nasty, rainy day.  Everywhere around us there were roads closed due to flooding and when it would rain it was like a hurricane blowing in....but even though the weather outside was pretty frightful we found refuge in Goodwill stores.  Friday night, when we killed some time before going to see The Heat we stopped at our first Goodwill and I found the most adorable pair of little white baby saddle shoes for Marcies grandson, Jett.  They did not look like they had every been on a foot.  I figured if they didn't fit it was ok because Jett is going to be a big brother sometime after the first of the year to twin siblings....and they can use them.  Our first stop was a consignment shop called Deja Vu that had some really great things...but they loved their stuff a lot....a whole lot.  Anyways, today I was not as lucky as I was with my shoe find yesterday.  I found a book at one of the places we stopped and that was all I bought all day.   Glenda and I used a break in the weather to ride and look.  There are some really cool carvings in trees near the Biloxi Lighthouse.  They are birds, fish, all kinds of wildlife.  My favorite was the eagles.  Did I take a picture...nope...not the first one.  I was too busy looking with the human eye to use the camera lens.  Shame on me!  We ended up at Belks at the Mall and hit the jackpot.  I bought five dresses and a sweater shrug for 13.00 each.  You cannot beat that and now that I am a pastor I need to have a few more of them.  I am not a dress wearer.  I am a pants wearer and even though pants are acceptable at my church....I feel like a dress just says more.  I was pretty proud of my finds.  Glenda found a gorgeous dress for her DIL and got it for 10.00.  Sales are always better on smaller sizes I have found.  I love to shop at Belks when they are having their red-dot sales.  The bargains are amazing.  After working up a sweat over shopping we stopped at Mickey D's for some sustanance.  We split a fry and I got an unsweet tea.  I know...not sweet tea?  Nope.  I don't like sweet tea (the table wine of the South).  Yes, I grew up in South Florida...which, even though it is in the really the North.  When we headed back at Studio 6 we passed a Krispy Kreme with it's hot sign on, stopped and bought a dozen mixed.  We all agreed our favorites are the just plain ones.  After getting back to the room I finished up a crochet project, watched Say Yes to the Dress, read, and played on my IPad (since I could not do my blog).  It was a great of my, ride around and look, rest, read, rest some more, watch tv.  This was a perfect way to spend the day. Tomorrow we will head back home....and it is supposed to be raining.  We are not amused.

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