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Friday, December 20, 2013

A Sasser Family Christmas Album Collection

Christmas at Aunt Laverne's and Uncle Wilson's house were always special.  I loved the two of them with all my heart.  Whenever we would get to Alabama my dad would wait for the light in the kitchen to come on next door and he would head over to have coffee with Uncle Wilson. There are only three girl cousins.  I am on the far left and the youngest by not even a month.  Sherry is in the middle and was always the favorite.  She is the oldest of the three.  Judy is on the far right.  Her birthday is in March, mine in April.  She belonged to Wilson and Laverne. 

Aunt Jeannette and Uncle Drew in front of their tree.  Drew was my father's baby brother by 11 months.  They were the parents of Mark.

Kelly and Matt belong to Mark.  Matt is his dad made over.  They are both grown now and very successful.  This Christmas picture was made at Drew and Jeannette's house in Goodwater.
Stacey belongs to Judy.  She is somewhere around eighteen months old here. She was adorable and I am so very proud of her today. 

My daughter Kat and her first bike at Christmas. 

 My very first guitar for Christmas - I was 3.
Our Christmas card from my very first Christmas.  I was 8 months old.

Aunt Virgina at Christmas at my house

Aunt MaeBelle with Brandy peeking over her shoulder.

Front - Uncle Wilson, l-r - Uncle Drew, Dad, Uncle Roy (Aunt Virginia's husband)

Uncle Roy and Aunt Virginia

Dougie at Christmas on Georgia Avenue.  Back in the day of real trees.
Cowboy Dougie

Dad and Mom at the lake house (top) Ronnie and Dad playing Santa(bottom) - check out that old school television. 
I have hundreds more pictures of Christmases past.  Today was just a few of the Sasser family and the pictures I had on me at school.  I hope you enjoyed my trip down Sasser memory lane.  If I left out a picture of you, please forgive me. My selection was limited.  I am working on a larger post for later with more photos.  Merry Christmas to all!

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Geoff Maritz said...

Very nice. This Christmas I'll be with my daughter and family in Johannesburg. Family make Christmas so much more special and your's looks like a very nice family. Merry Christmas wherever you are, Geoff.