Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Day Out of School

Lord I am tired of Winter.  Spring Break come and get me!  When we were released on Tuesday we already knew that we would not have school on Wednesday.  After the hellacious drive home during Snowmaggedan I was glad.  I did not want to have to drive to work on Wednesday morning in snow and ice.....and dark.  All we had to start with was rain on Wednesday.  Frank had a doctor's appointment with Dr. Goldhagen in Alex City so I was able to go with him.  He has been having major trouble with his shoulder and nothing has eased the pain.  It rained on us all the way there and back....but when we got back we began noticing ice on trees and power lines.  Uh Oh!  We stopped at the pharmacy to drop off a prescription, I checked my voice mail and discovered we did not have school today too,  and we headed home.  The closer we got to the house the worse the trees look.  To me iced scrub pines are frightening.  All I could think of was here goes the cable and the power. I began to watch the pine tree across the street and I quickly did laundry, took care of dinner, called and cancelled Bible Study, and prepared for a power outage.  We had a good sleet shortly after we got home and it snowed after dark.....but nothing like what we had back in January. I still stayed in.  Since I fell back in November and the doctor told me I could not fall again....I have heeded his warning. All in all trees did fall(fire departments were called out on a continuous basis)....power was lost(mostly due to downed trees).....but not us.  We managed to dodge the bullet this time.  I hope and pray we do not have anymore weather like this.  I will the two days we were out this time I did get papers graded, lesson plans done, and three books read.  It has been a productive time off.  We will return to school on Friday.....but the kids will only be there half a day.  Kind of seems like a waste doesn't it.  We have lost six days of school since mid January.  I am so ready for at least 60 degree days.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow night and there is a hint for snow....but no accumulation.  I am hoping they miss this one.  I am a Florida girl and I do not do snow and ice!  Especially in the South.  I promise....this summer when temperatures peak in the 90's I will not say a word.   I will remember this cold and keep my mouth shut!


Sweet Tea said...

It has simply been a horrible winter for so many people. Glad you were able to keep your power. Spring come quickly!

The Bug said...

What a mess this year has been! Do you have today off too? Some school districts are using it as a make-up day & some are going ahead & taking the day off.