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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Drinking and Driving - A No! No!

I am going to soap box for a minute, so please bear with me.  I HATE when people drink and drive.  Monday some students were talking about drinking and driving and how to fool the cops if you have been.  I wanted to shout at them....PENNIES DON"T WORK!  They may NOT smell it....but it is still in your system.  When I was younger 18 was the legal age for drinking.  IF I went to things where drinking was part of the fun....I was ALWAYS the designated driver.  My friends NEVER drove after they had been drinking if I was present.  I made sure of it!  I was not a goodie two shoes....well....yeah I was kind of.  I was a church girl.  When I got home from school I had a post on my Facebook page that just sent me spiraling into a pit of depression.  One of my former students, Timbo (age 26) had died in an accident.  My heart began grieving for his family.  Timbo could possibly have been my favorite student of all time.  He had actually eaten at my house multiple times.  I sang at his Eagle Scout pinning.  He was the kind of young man you would want your daughter to marry.  I adored him.  He was special....amazing....kind....loving......funny.....a gentleman.  After I cried I went to the internet to find out more about the accident.  It was then that I became sickened.  It was a drunk driving wreck.  Tim. a mother, and her high school aged daughter were killed when a pickup truck crossed the median.  The driver of the pick up truck was driving under the influence....and it was MY Tim!  My heart was already breaking for the it was breaking in another way.  This young man had made a stupid decision that cost not only him his life....but a mother and her now there was one family grieving for the loss of their son....and one family grieving for half of their family.  There was now a husband with no wife....and children with no mother....all because someone thought he could drink and drive.  SHAME!  SHAME!   On the way to school I prayed like I always do and found myself getting angrier and angrier as I drove.  When I got to school I had a talk with the students in the class that thought drinking and driving was fun.  I told them I had been to the local funeral home for viewings of more students than I could count on both hands....dead from someone drinking and driving.  I have a friend who's son is in a wheelchair.....totally disabled....because of driving under the influence.  I am so mad I could spit fire.  I told my students that the problem with drinking and driving is that the drunk person usually walks away....but they devastate another family.  They take the lives of someone that somebody else loves.  I also told them if they ever hit and killed someone I loved I would be on them like white on rice....and I mean it!  IF they have to drink....STAY PUT! may not kill someone this time....but what about next time???  Ok....I have soapboxed enough.  I will save texting and driving for another day. 

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I get on this soapbox often here at home about this subject. It just makes me so angry. My heart aches for you, Tim's family and the woman/daughter who were also killed. This will change the lives of all their friends and family but how do we change the world, when will they get it! Keeping everyone in my prayers.