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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How Exciting - The Simple Woman's Swap Group: A Valentine's Remembrance

Every now and then I use one of the Simple Woman's blog prompts to write from.  Her blog is like a journal and I always feel so complete when I have read what she and her followers have to post.  She is doing a Valentine's Remembrance Swap Group for folks with blogs and I figured that some of you may want to participate.  I think it will be exciting and fun.  I have copied her post to mine so you can read the directions.  I hope you join in.  The more the merrier!

The Simple Woman's Swap Group :A Valentine's Remembrance

Hey girls! I hope where you are, you are keeping nice and warm! All of us just turned the page to January and with it comes those days of white and gray and mostly cold weather. We also have a bit more "in house" time, so, I got to thinking about connections and fun and thought what better way to brighten up our winter than to host a swap at the simple woman blog. 

Swaps are such a fun way to meet new friends and I thought since we will be nearing a special day next month around the same time our swap ends, the first swap (there may be more...think later Spring), should be entitled,

  A Valentine's Remembrance!

One thing...I have never hosted a swap on my blog before, so if I miss anything in the details below, please do not hesitate to ask in the comments. 
You may also contact me at 


* swap is open to those who reside in the U.S.

(I have someone who would like to be matched with another who lives in Canada...if you are interested in taking part, please let me know and I will get you her info.)

*swap is open only to those who have a blog
~having a blog will make it an easy way to connect with your swap partner, a way to be held accountable to your commitment, and a way to show your goodies when received with your readers and your partner...we all want to see your swap post!

oh, and might I kindly ask you to share this blog post link along with the little graphic below at your blog to help me spread the word

*swap items are to be hand, home or otherwise "YOU" made and crafted 
~the ideas are endless, but be thoughtful on the amount of time you wish to place on your item/s. 
~think wearable, edible, lovable, drinkable, hangable, usable, pretty, simple...etc.~

*keep shipping costs in mind

*keep your swap partner's name a secret until you have received your package 
(you can be sneeky as you look around her blog...LOL)

*all swappers should include a (homemade) Valentine along with their items

*January 13th-sign-up's begin and mister linky posted here

~the way you will sign-up is twofold...first is to add your first name and blog link to the mister linky (just like alot of you do on the daybook) on the date above AND email me with {SWAP} in the subject line along with 3 things: 

first and last name
complete home address
complete email address
(this will make gathering the information easy for me)

*January 22nd-sign-ups closed

*January 23rd-I begin matching those who posted their intent to the mister linky and who have sent me their email with all information above

*January 26th-last day for me to have sent you your for email

*February 13th-ALL swap packages MUST BE RECEIVED
(if you can not get your swap package out to your partner for whatever reason, (but do try your very best) please contact me. I do not want any hurt feelings.


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