Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ode to a Methodist!

Today was Annual Charge Conference for the Valley Cluster of the United Methodist Church. It was my very first. I must admit it was pretty interesting and I was actually prepared to grade papers. Frank and I missed the first 10 minutes because we misjudged the time and Red Lobster did not cooperate....but then does it ever? Frank hates to be late...but oh well this could not be helped....and it was not my fault. Whew! Thank you Lord! Anyways....excuse my digression. We got there and Steve Lyles, from First United in Alex City was speaking. I never knew how interesting a speaker he could be. We sang, awards were passed out and then the churchs were charged with their duties for the year. It was impressive! I have to chest puffed a bit when my husband stood up and said his vows. After that we broke into small know how Methodists are....we love a small group! I went to one that dealt with Emmaus walks and such. It was very interesting....but what I liked most about it was that we sang. You know me and music....I can't get enough. Funny thing....did you know John of the founders of Methodism....fled the U.S. to keep from being arrested for slander? I did not know this. When I told Frank later ...he had a slightly different was kind of sad...I liked my version best! Anyways....the thing about the day that really moved me was the lack of color lines and barriers. The conference is made up of all types of United Methodist Churches and I have made some really great spouse friends....and preacher friends....and for the brief time that we are together it does not matter what color our skins are...what is important is that we all serve one Lord and Savior. It was nice to check your color at the door and just be a Christian. I grew up believing that Jesus loved His little children...all of, yellow, black, white....we are all precious in his sight. So my question is...if this happened today....why can't it happen everyday? What is it that makes us look at each other different....when Jesus is not the focus of attention....Wake up folks. God is right there watching us....when we hug each other at a church conference....or when we call each other names during the week....and when that happens...we make Him sad! Personally, I make Him sad enough without adding that one to my list of faults. So with that off my mind...I am going to call it a night and grade those papers I was planning to grade this afternoon. Peace be with you and yours! Karen

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