Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twas the Day Before Moving.....

I swear we have taken three carloads to the Mission Thrift Store and my stuff seems to be like just keeps multiplying.  I am wondering now if the 24 foot truck we are renting will be big enough for all this.  It is overwhelming.  When it seems like we have everything done...something comes out of the woodwork and we have to pack more.  The truck will be ready for pick up after 4 today and we have some friends coming to help us load after 5.  We are taking Beau to our friend Marion.  He is going to visit with his 5 buddies there until we unload on Weds.  He is really stressing out over this move.  All of his stuff is moving and being boxed and all he does is sit right up under you when we do take a moment to sit down. Poor little guy.  That is why we are taking his to Marion.  He loves her.  I think if anything ever happens to us she will have to take custody of the dog.  My sweet Mary is coming to Rock Mills tomorrow...on her birthday to help us unload/unpack. What great friends we have.  I penned a little ditty about this event and I thought it might make you laugh today.
Twas the Day Before Moving
Twas the day before moving and all through this house
Nothing was unboxed, except for resident mouse.
This day is a long one so I hope I survive
And keep all my marbles til the UHaul arrives
Poor Beau he sits silent and shivers with fear
That his master and mistress might just leave him here.
The clothes they are all packed in big wardrobe bins
The skillets, the dried food, and even the tins.
There's nothing to sit on the chair has been sold
My dad's coins packed up and we sold all the gold.
We sold dining room table and crock pot OH NO!
I really did not mean for that item to go.
We have visited the ABC store many a day
And with each trip carried a number of boxes a way.
The church at Rock Mills will think we are lushes
Each box is the kind that eventually crushes.
I sit and I blog before Frank shuts this down
And we leave Alex City I'll sure miss this town
And they'll hear us exclaim as we drive out of site....
Next time we hire will be a delight!

You may not hear from me tomorrow.  Who knows if I will be back up by then...but as soon as I am...there will be pictures of the new house...before I unpack....and after.  I can see a lot of good posting oppotunities coming.  This town has a Doll Museum and lots of other things to blog about.  So Happy Tuesday to All ...and to all a big Hug!  Pray we survive this.


Trina said...

Love the ditty! Poor Beau!!! I know how our two (especially Bama) get when things aren't normal around here.

I'm with you...if we ever move again, I will hire it done!

Sweet Tea said...

Moving Day is BIG!!
BIG HUGS for you and well wishes that it all goes smoothly. You're off to a new adventure!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

I love the little ditty. Good luck with the moving, can't wait to hear your future tales. PS I hate to move!

Tina said...

Your ditty did make me smile! Best of luck on your move.

Mary said...

Good luck with your move, and try to keep smiling!

Mary said...

Loved the line about the crock pot! Hope the move went smoothly!

Mary said...

Well, you did survive. And almost through with the other house clean up. I know Beau had fun marking the back yard for ownership today and glad that he is back with his family. See you tomorrow...sometime.

Mary said...

Well, you did survive. Not yet had time to catch up blogging though. I know you are super tired. I bet Beau's bladder is probably inside out trying to put his mark in the back yard after the other dog lived there...See you Friday sometime. xxoo, MM