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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crazy Days of Fall

Wooo Hooo.....Fall is here and I am delighted.  Saturday we got up....we were planning to go to Gay, GA to a festival....instead we put together my outside fall decoration.  The picture on the left is the arrangement without my pumpkin.  That is Sunday's activity.  After we got the arrangement done, we gathered our belongings, and began the rest of the world wind day....I don't know when we thought we would have time to drive to Gay and do the 12:00 eastern time I had a surprise baby shower for Susanna (David's wife) at my cousin Amanda's house in town.  The shower was from 12 - 2.  At 2:00 Central time I was to report to the Reserve at Oak Bowery with Frank to work a wedding.  Frank was going to be with me for this part so he had to go to the shower with me too. The baby shower was fun.  Frank took off for a bit and let the hen's cackle....he went to the West Point Shoe Outlet to see if he could find some new tennis shoes.  His other ones are covered with paint spatter from when he painted the white rocker you see in the picture.  Now that it is cooler he is going to paint the other one.  Anyways, as you can see I am digressing here....We got to the Reserve and hit the ground running.  I put together the fruit display while the guys carried bins where they were needed.  The wedding was at 4 so we had to hustle.  When I finished the fruit display I went outside where my work station was going to be....this wedding was going to be a lot different than the last 4 it was only 77 degrees with a nice breeze.  When the wedding was over and the guests moved toward the Party Barn we were ready and in our stations.  Jill and I were the refillers.  Denise, Deborah, Danny, and Mandy were the floaters, and Frank was in charge of the potato bar.  He had some of the biggest sweet and Irish potatoes I had ever seen and his job was to cut them in half, and then sometimes cut them in half again....and make sure the extras were full.  For the Irish potatoes there was butter, sour cream, and cheese.  The sweet potatoes had butter, brown sugar, and toasted coconut.  The potato bar was a hit....but sure bogged down the flow of the traffic.  At 6, Deborah excused the two of us so we could get back to Amanda's lake house for her birthday party.  We got there just in time to sing "Happy Birthday" to her and "Happy Anniversary" to Phil and Debbie.  Frank and I ate a grilled burger while the rest of them ate cake made with love by Susanna.  After eating the guys and some of the girls glued themselves to the television to watch the Alabama vs Florida game.  The non-football watchers moved into another room and played guitars and sang.  About 10:00 Frank came and said it was time to go because Sunday was going to be another killer day.
After church we grabbed some lunch and met a group back at the church to go to the Pumpkin Patch in LaFayette, AL.  What a wonderful place.  We got there and checked in, loaded up on a wagon, and went to the patch to get our pumpkins.  Everyone was told that the pumpkin they chose had to be one they could tote back to the wagon.  MOST of them did pretty well.....Frank even made me tote mine.  We all picked pumpkins and then Sadie came up with one that was different than everyone ask why?  It was a Cinderella pumpkin....because it resembles the coach she rode in.  Well....I had to have Frank went and found one for me and we swapped out the regular orange one for the lighter cream colored Cinderella one.

 I could not wait to get back and finish my yard scene.  After we all had pumpkins, had petted all the livestock, and removed corn from the husk.....oh and climbed the hay dog...

we went back to the store and the kids had a hot dog, bounced on the big balloon slide, took a train ride....and shopped in the little store.  Frank and I had to leave early because church was at 5:00.  After church and choir practice we FINALLY got to be home for longer than 10 minutes and it felt good.  I got stuff together for Monday and went to bed and watch CSI until I drifted off.

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Thena said...

Wow!! Makes me tired just reading it. Gay Ga must be close to the Alabama border. I've never heard of it. I'm on the southeast side of GA.