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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In The Woogump Woods

Every year the Youth and Children of Rock Mills UMC have a haunted hayride.  I was asked to write the story for this year and was excited about the concept.  The theme is Woogump Woods, which is a story one of our member's grandfather used to tell.  My story is not his....he is dead....the only clue I had is that Woogumps have red eyes.  I am putting it here so that you guys can give me some ideas or constructive criticism.  Enjoy the read! 
Once upon a time in a pasture not so far away lived the Woogumps.  The Woogumps were red-eyed creatures that no one wanted around.  They were not allowed to walk the streets with normal people.  They had to live in the woods and take care of themselves because they were not even allowed to go to Wal-Mart for food.  Well…let me tell you ….one day the Woogump leader decided that this was not fair!  He encouraged the other Woogumps to stage an uprising…  right here… Rock Mills, AL.  The took over the woods around Ms. Alice’s pasture and began stealing cows for food.  When it would get very dark they would slip out of the woods and the only thing you could see was their red eyes shining.  The would find a pasture and pick out a nice juicy cow and slurp it up….all that would remain was the hide of the cow.  Small children began to disappear all over Randolph County and the parents were very concerned… they formed a possee of Woogump hunters and went in search of the dreaded Woogumps…..but they had no luck….the Woogunps were smarter than the humans….and hid well… deep in the woods near Ms. Alice’s pasture.  Children kept disappearing…..parents kept searching and worrying……and the Woogumps stayed hidden…..deep in the woods.   The sheriff and his deputies combed the woods…..and found not one single trace of the Randolph County children.  Not even a tiny shoe or hairbow….nothing…. One day though….a young boy was out in the woods looking for his lost baby calf….and he came upon a baby Woogump caught in an animal trap.  His heart went out for the trapped Woogump and he rescued her and took her to the Woogump hiding place……the Woogumps were so thankful that they made him the human keeper of the Woogumps.  He was the only human who was allowed into the woods after dark without fearing for his life.  Children kept disappearing and cow hides kept being found…and years went by….the old Woogumps were replaced by younger….meaner ones….who began to terrorize the people of Rock Mills even more… day the young boy…..who was now an old man….went to the Woogumps and made them promise… limit their activities to only one month a year…..that month was October… was a great time for the Woogumps…..children would dress up as scary creatures….gather candy….and the Woogumps would lure them into the woods and take them….and their candy…..all that would remain was their costumes…..lying in the ground of Ms. Alice’s pasture.  One night, near Halloween….a group of Rock Mills United Methodists…..took a hayride in Ms. Alice’s pasture…..and listened carefully to their story teller….when he finished his story….he looked up at the people on the hayride….and they realized…..something very important….there were costumes on the ground…..and they were in the presence of the Keeper of the Woogumps..

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