Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Family Tree for the weirdness of my family.  I told you earlier in the week that I had 96+ cousins.  Well....let me tell you another little ditty.  My mother had two sisters and four brothers.  My mom is the oldest girl.  She had a sister, Jo, who married my uncle John.  Her baby sister is where the tree branch becomes twisted.  You see sister Shirley, married Charlie....and the weirdness began.  Charlie was from a small community outside of  the city where I teach.  His family was a large and well known family in the area.  I was crazy about my Uncle Charlie and as many of you know my Aunt Shirley was like my other mother.  Charlie had a bunch of brothers and twelve.  Charlie's sister Odell had a beautiful daughter, Millie.....and Shirley had a handsome baby brother named Elwin.  The two of them were introduced and fifty years ago they married.  Millie became my aunt.  They had two handsome twin boys named Mike and Mark.  Oh wait!  The story does not end there....although it should.  When I was 19 I moved to Alabama and needed a roommate.  Millie's sister, Lucy, was looking for a roomie so I filled the position.  Lucy became one of my dearest friends.  Lucy and Millie had a brother....Ronnie.  He was divorced with custody of two precious children ages 2 and 3.  Can you guess the ending?  You are correct if you say....Ronnie and I married.  At this point my Uncle Elwin became my brother in law and my cousins, Mike and Mark, became my nephews.  With this union my Aunt Shirley's daughters became my double first cousins.  When Ronnie's oldest daughter began mom's baby brother, Larry, had a son named Alan.  I NEVER encouraged Jeni and Alan's friendship because I was afraid my Uncle Larry would become my step-daughter Jeni's father-in-law.  Is that twisted enough for you.  My precious husband Frank told someone once that if you were in Alex City you would meet someone kin to me.  He was not far off from the truth.  My father's family was a big one too.  He had two sisters and three brothers.  At one point during the year my dad and my Uncle Drew were the same age for a couple of months.  When Kat, my daughter, started dating she found the love of her life....his name is Brian.  His mom is Connie and his father is Darrell.  Kat and Brian, early in their relationship, were going to one of Brian's family reunions.  The reunion was in Goodwater, AL and on the way Brian told Kat that they were going to his Aunt Jeanette's house.  Kat laughed and told him that she had an Aunt Jeanette too and her aunt also lived in Goodwater.  Brian came back with....his Aunt Jeanette was married to his Uncle Drew.  Kat was aghast and told Brian that her Aunt Jeannette was married to her Uncle Drew too....and they had a son named, Mark.  Well...if you have not figured it out by now....the Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Drew were one and the same.  Brian's Jeanette is his mother's aunt.  Kat's Uncle Drew is her mother's uncle.  Whew!  That was a close call. family tree definitely does not branch.  It is a trunk all the way up!  iI used to worry that one day I would be my own grandpa....but that is silly....I am not a guy.  Have you got any good family weirdness you would like to share with me.  I love a good Friday laugh.

P.S.  I have a couple of major prayer requests today.  Please be in prayer for my teacher friend, Don today.  His longtime girlfriend died this morning at 1:40 after a two year bout with cancer.  Also keep my Aunt Millie's family in your prayers.  Her youngest brother, Eddie, died this week.  She has lost two siblings in a year.   


Love Bears All Things said...

When I was 10, we moved to a community called Happy Hill...early on it had a school, store and church..when I moved there it only had a church and store. Happy Hill Church is the church I first joined along with my parents and older sister. We were all baptized together...My parents and grandparents and some uncles and aunts are also there....anyway, due to the distance between communities and the lack of transportation in the early days, young people often married members of nearby soon became apparent that most of the families in the community were either related by blood or marriage...
Prayers said.
Mama Bear

Mary said...

That's even weirder than my family tree! I think you win the prize!
Keeping your friend and aunt in my prayers.

Mimi said...

What a crazy story!

I'm so very sorry for the losses, I will keep them in my prayers.

Hugs & love,