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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365 - February 13th - 19th

Photo week 8 has ended.  I am not a professional yet with my new camera...but I will say I have enjoyed the heck out of taking pictures this week.  If you want to see more P365's then jump over to Sara's blog and check out all the ones who have linked up with her.  Trust me you will see some really awesome shots by some amazing photographers.

I just had to start my week with another shot at the chimney.  You can actually tell what it is in these pictures.  The top one was made with a zoom and the bottom with the lens that came with the camera.  Definitely a noticeable difference in last weeks chimney and this one.  This wooded area kind of gives me the creeps.  Especially after dark when I come through here.

Don, top picture, is another one of our lunch bunch and I did not get his picture when I did them a couple of weeks ago.  Don's significant other has cancer and is barely hanging on.  He is sleeping at the hospital and working....and he runs to the hospital several times during the day.  SueEllen, is beautiful woman  who is now down to about 80 pounds and it is taking it's toll on my friend and colleague.  We have all become a support group/lunch bunch.  Trina has a mother in law with dementia, I have momma, Don has SueEllen, and we are all veteran teachers and we care about each other.  It is a nice thing to work where people care.  Today was inservice and we did not have to eat at we went to The Shoppes of Queen's Attic to a new little cafe that has just opened there.  Mary, Trina and I ate lunch at Cake and Coffee Cafe.  The Shoppes of Queen's Attic is a really cool place with really neat little boutiques.  It used to be a huge antique store....but it burned.  Back to the lunch.  I had quiche lorraine and Mary and Trini had panini's.  The menu was limited....but the food was excellent and they are open for breakfast.  I will have to try that one morning.

Tuesday we bowled.  We were supposed to bowl on Monday....but Mae Lynn and I refused to miss bible study again!  So the guys decided we could bowl on Tuesday.  Frank and I had a good bit of time to kill between the end of my day, seeing my mom, and eating supper.  I had not made a picture yet so we drove downtown to get the big fountain...and as my luck holds.  It was not running....but the little one was so we went by there and grabbed a shot of it and Carlisle Drugs across the track.  Carlisle's still has a soda fountain and makes the best lime freeze in all creation.  If you are Alex City during the week....stop buy and have one.  They are still hand squeezed and everything!

On my way home Wednesday I saw this barn from Hwy 22.  I had to get a picture because it had just been facelifted.  They painted it and the roof.  I think it looks nice even though it is partially hidden from view.  While I was taking this picture I found this old building a couple of hundred yards down the road.  It was used to dispense seed or hay....or something at one time.  It was pretty interesting.  I wanted to get out and go investigate....but...number one I was alone...and number two I did not want to get shot.  Besides, Frank is in Atlanta for the night staying with if I were to get in trouble....I would be on my own.
The moon was awesome on Thursday night.  I just had to get a picture of it.  I discovered that with outdoor portrait did not blur the picture and I also discovered just how far I can actually send the zoom part of the lens.  It was an interesiting day all in all.

Mary and I went to Hobby Lobby in Auburn on Friday night.  Positioned between Waverly, AL and Auburn there is this great barn on the right side of the road on Hwy 280.  It sits at the top of a hill so majestically.  By the time we made it really was to dark to do the barn justice....but here it is. The bottom picture kind of reminds me of Sister Bertill on the Flying Nun....and old 60's sit-com with Sally Fields.  I am going to go back one day when there is more light and redo this set of pictures.

This is me playing around with lighting, color and shape on the new camera.  I did not do a church sign this week because Frank was out of town....and all the churches between Rock Mills and Alex City still had their same signs up.  Come on people Get Those New Church Signs Up!  See you next week.  Same bat time and channel.  Have a blessed Sunday!


sara said...

someday I am going to have a grown up camera!! :)

love the shots this week. I miss seeing all the old barns as I drove the back roads in don't see much of that here!!

Mimi said...

I'm with Sara, someday I'll have more than a point and shoot.

Your lunch bunch sounds like a wonderful source of support. I'm glad you have each other.

Hugs & love,

Mary said...

It looks like you're doing well with the new camera! I love the picture with the chimney. Makes you wonder about the family who lived in the house that it was a part of.

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved this post...Honey Bear and I speculated about the photo of the old building...wondering if it could have been a grist mill...we love to drive off the beaten path and go through these old towns and communities...had to look at the map to see just where you are located..its been a while since we've been in that area...keep on taking photos of the local places.
Mama Bear

semperfi said...

Love the old barn pictures. The moon was great Thursday night but I couldn't get a good picture. Thaks for the tip, will try that next time.

Kim said...

Sounds like you grew up on the same sitcoms I did :)
I really want to get a decent camera while we're on furlough later this year -- AND learn to use it!
So sad about SueEllen, and's very hard to watch someone you love just waste away.
But, like you said, it's good to have friends who care and support you.
Some very interesting photos this week! The lime freeze sounds very good. The old drugstore in my hometown used to make the best orangeades with fresh squeezed oranges.
Have a great week!

RaD said...

It cracks me up that (at least) three of us photographed the moon this week. Great minds think alike, right?

I see a lot of barns when we go to Oregon in the summer to visit my parents.

skoots1mom said...

great shots
i always love to hear my mama talk about Alex comes out as "ellix city"...hahahah!
one of these days i'll get to meet you maybe when i'm in roanoke.

That One Girl said...

One of these days I'm going to get a camera that isn't just point and click! :-P
That barn is beautiful and so is the "store."

Tina said...

I thought these pictures looked good. The "Sister Bertelli" barn turned out good (at least to me). That made me laugh because I used to watch The Flying Nun...remember it pretty well.

The Cyber Hermit said...

I'm glad you took a couple more shots of the chimney.

And I sent you the chili recipe.

The Bug said...

I was going to say that barn looks like a nuns hat - LOL. It really does look like the Flying Nun.

I'm glad that Don has the lunch buddies to offer support - I'm sure that helps him hang on a little better.

momma frans said...

love your barn pictures! before i had kids, i would drive around in the country and take those kind of pictures. i'm fascinated my landscape for some reason. :-)

very cool moon picture!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Don't we all love taking picture of barns, there is something just to intriguing about an old barn...

Love it!

Great pictures. I am so happy you are enjoying your new camera!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

some very cool pictures you got this week. I really like the moon shot

Wylie @ Shout A Joyful Noise! said...

Love the barn pics & your shot of the moon. So wonderful the fellowship & support you & your "lunch bunch" has together. God is good!

He & Me + 3 said...

Good for you not missing bible study to bowl :). I love those barn pictures. Fabulous. I love old barns, so intriguing

rita said...

Great pics with the new camera!
Loved the wooded scenes. Would be interesting if the chimney could tell its story.
Coming in late, I was able to read your prayer requests first before seeing the photo of your friend. Thinking about him and his loss...
So good to have a caring group of colleagues!