Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is a very special day. Why is it special you may be asking? It is Frank's 15th anniversary of his 39th birthday....yeah...he is 54. He was actually born on Mother's day and every so many years his special day falls on Mother's Day. I am a lucky woman to have such a special man in my life.   I mean how many men would make a day so special for someone....just because they were struggling with sadness.....I mean come on...he took me to get my carry permit and even bought me lunch at a cute little corner cafe.  What a man!  So in honor of this precious man's special day I thought I would let you in on the many faces of other half.

Frank and the District Superintendant at SIFAT in Lineville, AL. 

Frank with daughter, Amy at her house in Ft. Walton.

Frank-O the clown with our nephews. We were so tickled when niece, Kelly and her husband Ronnie went to the races at Talladega and they got to come see us with their grams, Ann (Frank's sister).  What a great couple of days and what a wonderful couple of special little guys.
Frank and Jane at Arby's cutting up.  I think this was a Christmas gathering. 

Serious, Pastor Frank sporting one of his new Christmas ties.

Frank, his brother, Bill, his aunt, Kay and his mom, Connie at Bill's house in Myrtle Beach.

Preach on Brother Frank

Frank and Dorothy, I mean Holly at a Fall Festival at the First Church.

The day we bought Her Highnesses Ride (the HHR).

Chef Boy-R-Frank...and believe me ladies...this man can cook up a blue streak.  He is a far better cook than I will ever be.  Our daughters are all just like him.  Each one of them is a great cook too!

Frank and the family at Thanksgiving at Aunt Shirleys.

Frank and Brady at Kat's 30th birthday party.

Our wedding day at the end of the Arbor service.  Kat was my matron of honor and Robert, his best man.

Frank working the Yard Free at the First Church.  It wasn't a yard sale because everything was free.

Frank giving Kat her dollhouse at Christmas.  She was very surprised.

Frank shaking a tail feather at the pig races at the Alabama State Fair in Montgomery. 

Our first official duty at Rock Mills.  We moved on Wednesday and did the Chicken Q on Saturday.

Our new passion....shooting.  This is Frank at Charlie and Jane's target range trying out a gun.

Here he is at Auburn checking out the giant lathe.  I am so lucky....not only does he cook well....he loves to travel as much as I do.  He is also enjoying my Project 365.  He is constantly on the lookout for something cool to shoot.  I guess one of the things I love most....besides his laugh is the fact that when Still Magnolias sings....he is there!  He is proud of me....and I of him.  We are a perfect match!  So, now that you have seen the faces of Frank you can see what keeps me grounded and sane.  I am blessed daily and want to wish him a wonderful day!  Now, what am I doing for him today?  Nothing!  I am working and he is doing the yard.  I will take him out for a special date next weekend.  I told him we would do dinner and a movie....his choice.  Do you think he will pick "Prom"?  Have a wonderful Monday all...I now have two more Monday's until Summer vacation!  Whooo hooo.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a blessing you have been given with your Frank. Hope he has a wonder Birthday! Thank you for sharing all the pictures.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Happy Birthday to the love of your life! What a blessing to have good family.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Happy Birthday to the love of your life! What a blessing to have good family.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Happy Birthday to the love of your life! What a blessing to have good family.

Mary said...

Love all the pictures! Happy Birthday to Frank! :D