Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes You Just Want to Scream!

I am a teacher....and am about to blow.  I only have one more week of school....and that consists of two whole days, two half days (semester exams), and one undetermined length day (that would be Friday).  The big problem right now is that I feel like screaming, so I sat down and thought about several things that were under my craw.  I had a list of ten....but am only going to air the top three. 
Scream Scene One - We missed a day due to snow.  Instead of making it up during the last part of the year....(some schools simply added 15-30 minutes to their day)....we are adding it to the end of the year.  So Friday....when teachers should be doing Professional Development....our kids will be there.....all day....except for the seniors who will be at graduation practice.  Now you think we will have many students on campus? add insult to injury we will be adding the Professional Day AFTER Memorial Day!  I think I am going to be sick!  I don't need the hours...I have over 130/25.....and if my stuff is all done on Friday....I truly may be sick. you think we will have many teachers on campus?
Scream Scene Two - I know people are trying to be nice....and when there is a death....they truly don't know what to say.....but come on people....don't say things like this,"I know how you feel."  Do you really?  Have you ever been walking in my shoes?   In the past 20 months....I have dealt with missing parents, cancer, altzheimers, my dad dying, my aunt dying, my mom dying, and now Randy....I had someone actually tell me they knew how I felt....and then said,  "yep, my dad died.....then eight years later my mom died."  Oh come on!  They don't have a clue...and instead of feeling comforted...all I felt was anger.  I personally feel it would be better to just say something like, "I am praying for you." 
Scream Scene Three - I is the end of the who have had access to INow all along have all of a sudden discovered that they have grades missing....or are failing....or have less than desirable grades.....and now they want me to fix it.  Griefus!  They have had ten....count them TEN weeks to take care of this....our school policy have the number of days you were absent to make up work.  You have three days to bring in an excuse...and I am amazed at the number of kids who were out the first part of the term....who all of a sudden have excused absenses.  Are we teaching them how to be mature adults...or just showing them that rules don't apply to them?  Will this fly when they have a job?....What exactly ARE we teaching them?
I know that this will pass....but for today....the scream is still there...waiting....for the right moment.  I hope your Monday is a good one....and I hope my screamer will stay buried until I can get to the house and bury my hands in some soil!


Mary said...

I feel your pain with the end of school. Everybody is stressed out, just ready for it to be OVER. Then, it takes at least a couple of weeks to de-stress. Emotions are high, and the littlest thing is magnified X 1000.
Hang in there, Karen!

Sweet Tea said...

I may say it all wrong, but I've always been taught it's better to say the wrong thing than to say nothing at all...Hoping and praying brighter summer days are ahead.

val said...

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