Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hodge Podge Correction and Other Random Thoughts after I responded to #3 on the Hodgepodge questions yesterday with a negatory on the flag flying at the parsonage....I went home last night to find a flag flying from my front porch.  AMAZING!  Now you all know that blog reading can lead to results.  Here is the funny part of that story....I pulled in my drive yesterday...saw Frank, saw the dog, saw the cute little solar lights he had put along the walkway....and TOTALLY MISSED THE FLAG!  How can you miss something that is that big?  Well...I did.  I was so impressed by the solar lights....I did not look up.  Frank asked me if I had noticed ALL that had been done to the front.....I thought to myself...Oh Boy...he painted my rocker....I went to the front...looked at the was still brown....ahhhh....I noticed he hung my fern....AND trimmed the hedges where the nasty sticky vine was taking over the porch.....still...did not see the flag!  He actually had to point it out to me....I was embarrassed big time.  So now if I answer another question like #3....I DO have a flag flying at my house....and proudly!  Randomly speaking now, we had something new for supper last night....Frank fired up the grill....and cooked....Johnsonville Brat Burgers...and let me tell you....they were delish!  I was stuffed by the time I ate mine....we are going to try the Italian Sausage Burgers next....maybe we will do some sauteed onions and peppers on that one.  I think I have created a monster....I got some hydrangeas when my mom died, plus had bought three salmon azaleas, and then got a rose bush for my birthday....and Susan planted them all in my back yard before she and hubby Chuckles left to go home after the funeral....well...Frank made me two gorgeous flower beds from that, has begun an herb bed for me, and now is tackling the front yard...after conferring with Susan on what to do....I am getting a bed in the front I never dreamed of....with flowers there too...besides the hydrangeas and azalea I already have there....I am so excited.  I love ground plantings that make the yard and house look like they belong all I need is a swing and some Adirondak chairs in the backyard and it will be SWEET!  Thank you Susan for the start...and Thank you Frank for the vision and back work.  If this is a monster....I will keep him around for a long time.  I love plants.  I need a birdhouse on a stick for my front I will be looking.  Today is the last day of school....officially it is tomorrow....since it is a makeup day for the snow day we had back whenever....but do you think the kids are coming....I think not!  I am busy getting the stuff up off my floor so the janitors can do my floors this summer.  I have packed away so much stuff...I can't find anything.  I am leaving my desk for tomorrow....then I will shut it down....and tape the cords up on the desk.  The student desks, and the tables will be moved into the hall beginning one day next desk and bookshelves, and file cabinets will stay put.  I was going to move my file cabinets one day last year...and it was so nasty under them that I just left them where they were.  I am hoping to change rooms this year.  We are losing some teachers and I would like to move to one of the rooms with the hanging LCD projector....wish me luck.  I am NOT a core teacher so I don't know if I will get it....but I am still keeping my fingers crossed.  Who knows....I might get lucky!  Ok, I have rambled enough for one day.  I have work to do....have a Happy Thursday! 


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is so awesome about the flag.
He sure did a lot of work around the house!

Thena said...

Brat burgers sounds delicious. Need pictures of your yard. sounds beautiful and serene.