Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've Got The Music In Me

I read a blog post this morning that was reminiscing about a particular song and how, just by hearing it the writer, gets thrown into a different day in her past. She talked about how smells, sounds and songs have the tendency to remind us of a happier, or sad, time. I began to think about a song that reminded me of a big life changing relationship event. As I began to formulate my post I began to realize that we all have "that song", don't we? For me it is not necessarily one song, but many that remind of me of life events. I have always had a connection to music in my life. When I travel….and you can check this with my daughter….I plan music to theme the trip. When we went to California….Dan Seals song, “Heading West” kicked off the trip, followed by “California Dreaming” by the Mama’s and Papa’s. I never hear that song without thinking of being in California. Kat and I played “Sweet Baby James” as we “drove on the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston. And truly the “Berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of the frosting.” There are so many songs out there that remind me of a moment in time that I will never forget. All the moments are not good….some of them are sad/bad/downright depressing. All I know is that when I hear them they take me back to feelings I haven't felt for a long time….and I smile (or cry…whatever emotion they bring about.) My friends all laugh at me when it comes to music. Anytime a song comes on my initial response....or so they "that is one of my favorite songs." Well I am going to share with you today….some of my very favorites….and why.
“You Had Me From Hello” by Kenny Chesney reminds me of Frank. The first time I met him and heard his laugh I think I was in love with him. He has the most contagious laugh….and when he walks in to a room he walks in as if he owns the room. For someone who suffered from low self-esteem that is an awesome feature.
“Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler reminds me of Randy and Amanda. He has been the wind beneath our families wings for a long time and every time I hear that song…which I did this morning, I smile.
“It is Well With My Soul” – this was mine and daddy’s song. We used to sing it loudly in the car when we were traveling. Needless to say, Amanda and I sang it at his funeral. I still love this song and when I hear it….I have sweet memories of times with my father.
“You Are My Sunshine” is my mom song….well…actually it would have to be that one and “Sentimental Journey” by Patti Page. My mom, aunt, Amanda, and I used to sing these songs every time we got together. Music has always had been such a positive force on me….and my family.
“Flight 307” and “Don’t Get Me Started” are two songs I co-wrote about my ex-husband. He used to actually laugh when Amanda and I would sing them for people….little did he know that I meant every word. They still get riled up.
“Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf reminds me of ASP and Willie Lemmond. When I was his teammate we would roll down the windows and play the music really loud on the way to job sites. It was so much fun.
“Chattanooga Choo Choo” and “Sentimental Journey” are my Kat songs. We actually have hundreds of songs….and if we don’t think the lyrics fit our moment…we will make up our own. Poor Brian, Kat’s husband, he was a rocker (KISS, etc) and has developed a taste for oldies because he had no choice. He listened to what we listened to….and grew to tolerate it. Let me tell you….the boy can definitely answer Whitney Houston questions on Trivia games…and I think it is because we fed his soul with such wonderful music.
My Still Magnolia songs are “Patti’s Got Her Wheels On” and “Life Goes On”. They are ours and they are power songs.
I have a ton of other songs that remind me of other special people in my life, and if I were to list them all you would still be reading sometime next week. So I will leave you with my empowerment song. When I sing….or hear this song I feel strong. (And no it is not, “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar.”)  Nah! Nah! Nah!  My empowerment song is "Shackles" by Mary Mary.  This song is about me!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Love Bears All Things said...

I can relate to this post....did you know there are actually people who don't have soundtracks to their lives....guess some of us began singing early on with our Mamas to the radio and we're still going strong....we had a karaoke session last night...Daughter and I and the princess(the next generation of singers)
Have a music filled week,
Mama Bear

Sweet Tea said...

"McArthur's Park" takes me waaaay back. Love it. Lately "The Love of God" keeps rotating through my brain. Love that too!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo girl, this is my kinda post. Heck, all my post titles are song titles. I just love to belt out a great old tune.

I do have to admit most my songs are oldies 'cept my Mother's Day post and the song I picked for that is pretty current but the word toughed my heart.

Have a blessed and beautiful day!