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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wild Wings in Knoxville

We left early this morning headed to Knoxville to spend a few days with our good friends Susan and Chuck.  This is the trip Frank and I began during my Spring Break....when my mom died.    I have to admit I have been a bit nervous about this trip....but excited too....Susan texted me on the way in....and said she was working in West we decided to meet at Wild Wing Cafe....where Susan and I were when the call came in about my mom and we hit the road for Alex City.  

Now...I have to tell you....Wild Wing Cafe is one of mine and Frank's favorite places to eat.  This is why:
The restaurant has a level of HEAT INDEX that range from Virgin to Sweltering 
VIRGIN The perfect choice for kids, rookies & wimpy wing eaters. 
MEDIUM Our Hot wing with training wheels. 
HOT Traditional Buffalo wing, just spicy enough for any Winglover. 
CHERNOBYL We’ve turned up the heat on this atomic treat! 
CHINA SYNDROME Very peppery, very hot and very good! 
HABAÑERO HOTS Something special for the insane.
BRAVEHEART So hot you can lose your head over it! 
GINGER Sweet & saucy with an Oriental twist. AH-SO-GOOD! 
ITALIAN Mama Mia! A speecy, spicy way to do the wing thing. 
WILD WEST A tangy ranch style that’s downright tasty! 
LEMON PEPPER The perfect choice for sophisticated palates. 
HONEY MUSTARD Pass the mustard, Honey. It’s real good. 
FLYING FAJITA This tex mex flavor has gone Wild! 
LOCO BUENO This honey-lime-cilantro taste is crazy good! 
SANTA FE Yo quiero this taco treat! 
RAGIN’ CAJUN J.R. brought this bad boy back from the Bayou. 
ISLAND JERK Light Jamaican jerk flavor with a spicy dipping sauce. 
GARLIC! GARLIC! GARLIC! Keeps the vampires away. 
THE SLAYER TM This hot garlic wing helps Buffy kick some demon butt! 
THE BOSS Crisp & hot! It’s the King of the Hill! 
TENNESSEE FIREBALL Hotter than a speeding locomotive! 
FLAMING PARMESAN Everyone loves this little Italian hottie!
RED, HOT & BLEU Our Hot wing with the taste of bleu cheese cooked right in. 
RANCHILADA TM Part ranch, part Chernobyl, whole lotta good.
JALAPENO CHEDDAR E.T. found this cheeser pleaser, and now he won’t phone home. 
RED DRAGON The best of both worlds with this hot teriyaki wing. 
THE GENERAL Orange you ready to try this classic Chinese flavor? 
THAI A nutty little number from the Far East...FAR OUT! 
BUBBA’S BBQ Mama’s southern recipe, ya’ll. 
COLORADO COPPERS A Rocky Mountain masterpiece! 
OLD YELLER A Carolina yellow mustard classic. 
OL’ SMOKEY MMMMesquite! 
GOLD RUSH Honey BBQ with a KICK! 
CHIPOTLE JOLT The biggest, boldest BBQ you’ve ever tasted!
Frank ate the buffet.  I knew I could not handle that many Susan and I ordered 8 each of my favorite....Colorado Coppers.  We left the restaurant and headed over to Krogers. Susan's son Scott was sick...and wanted some chicken casserole....the one his mom makes....small problem here...Susan does not make a chicken casserole.  I I got the ingredients...and went on to Susan's house and got the chicken boiling and the broccoli steaming.  When Susan got in we put the casserole together and let it cook.  Chuck picked up dinner on at "Love That BBQ."  It was awesome.  If you are ever in the Knoxville area...try some.  On Tennessee game days....this guy does smoked rib eyes.  They say they are to die for....and they also makes a killer fried bologna sandwich.  Day one is drawing to a close and tomorrow we are going to Cades Cove.  I can't wait!  Have a great evening.....and eat more wings!


Mary said...

The Cove is beautiful right now! You picked a good time to come! LOVE Wild Wing Cafe!
I completely forgot y'all were here!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like your having a nice time. Enjoy your trip.

Sweet Tea said...

It sounds wonderful!!
Our family inhales BBQ.
It's our traditional Christmas Eve meal! Glad you're having a good time and replacing a sad memory with a happy one.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love wings!!!! I make pretty good ones, but they are more flavor than heat because my family are total wimps, lol!!

Sounds like your trip is going great!