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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day Hodge Podge

I take part in a meme each week hosted by Joyce over at "From This Side of the Pond."  It has been a fun run.  Joyce posts a few questions....we all jump on them and answer up with her.....and read each others remarks.  I have made some new friends with this.....and learned some funny, sad, and remarkable things about my blogging buddies.  If you would like to do this....hop over to Joyce's and link up....after you read my answers of course! 
1. Have you ever played golf? Any interest in playing? Do you have a significant other who loves to play? Did you watch The Masters this weekend?   I am not a golfer but I did golf during my high school and college years.  It is an expensive sport. Frank has played in the past....but now his world is wrapped up with scroll sawing and ME!  I would have to agree with Joyce and say that my favorite thing about the game of golf is driving the cart. I don't like watching golf ....when it is on our television....that means bedroom tv for me...or a nap on the couch.
2. Hats are back in fashion this do you feel about wearing a hat? (fyi-I'm not talking baseball caps) When was the last time you wore one?  I like hats and own a few and wish we Americans would embrace the notion of wearing hats to weddings and special events. I haven't worn a  hat since Still Magnolias sang at Riverfest.  I think that was six or so years ago.  I pull them out from time to time and try them on..
3. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being 'proficient' and 1 being "I'd starve" how adept are you at using chopsticks?   I would be a 2...I would not starve...but more of the food would be "on" me than "in" me.  If I ever go to somewhere that uses chopsticks and not forks....I am packing a fork.
4. Has technology taken over?  Yes!  We can't go anywhere without checking our facebook on our phone.  Kids cheat on test with phones, I pods and I pads.  We do gradebooks and transcripts with technology....I have teacher friends who stand out in the hall during the changing of classes and cannot just let the phone alone.  By choice I do not have all the bells and whistles on my phone.  I don't have an IPhone4 whatever....I don't WANT^ to be that connected.  I loved Ma Bell and wish she would return from her extended vacation!  I loved my phone chord that reached into three rooms.
5. In the course of a day, how often do you look in a mirror?  Seldom, I am nearly 60 and this is not Kansas anymore...and my mother looks back at me more and more.  I use it in the morning when I leave for work....and maybe check my clothing at work once when I leave the women's know I don't want toilet paper dragging from my foot.....
6. Tulip or Daffodil?  I love them both equally.  I love tulips until they open and I love daffodils because my grandmother had a yard full of them when I was a child growing up.
7. I am proud of myself for____________.  For finishing college.  Neither of my parents or grandparents even finished high school. My mom and dad both used to tell their friends how proud they were that I finished college and was a teacher.
8. Insert your own random thought here. Today is Eight Track Tape Day.  Did you ever own one?  See one?  I did.  I remember the day my dad gave me an 8-Track Tape Player for my car.  I was 18.  I spent a lot of money on tapes to feed this player.  At one time I had over 200 of the things.  When I was married to my ex-husband...I came home to find some guy loading up my 8 track player and all my 200 tapes.  I jumped out of my car and ask, "Just what do you think you are doing?"  The ex replied that he had sold them because he needed the space.  I eyed his flaming red Ranger bass boat sitting under the roofed lean to and said back...."well, now that I know how this game is played you better watch that bass boat.....I want to park in the shade."  Nuff said.  Have a happy Wednesday!



Ohhhhhhhhhhh, me too. I see my mom in the mirror. Just how it happens, I don't know.

BOTTOMS UP is my Wednesday post link.

Have a glorious day!

April said...

Happy Eight Track Tape Day! That is too funny! I used to have quite a collection myself! Kids these days would die to see what we had to listen to for music. I completely agree with your answer for #4! Yes, golf is a very expensive sport. Every time Chris has purchased a new club, it's been upwards of $200!

Kimberly said...

Kudos for your for finishing college! I agree that playing golf is expensive and it takes a long time to play one game.

Hope your having a great day.

Nel said...

Love your random! I think I only had cassette tapes, alot of them and of course albums. I love your reply to your ex, sounds like something I would say. My hubby's kid asked him if he received her text and she could not believe that we did not have texting. We actually had it shut off on our plan. I like my cell because we would not be able to afford the phone bill with my kid in Arkansas. We are both with the same company so it is mobile to mobile. Thank goodness!
until next time... nel

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Funny thing, technology has made things in life easier yet life is more stressful. I got a newer phone after Christmas but I will not let it take over my life. My computer already does that! Yes we had 8 track in our cars. Funny how things have changed over the years. Sometimes technology is a good thing.

Joyce said...

I owned an 8-track : ) Olivia Newton John Have You Never Been Mellow I think was my first purchase. We were at an old car show last summer and a car there had an 8 track in it with tapes on the seat. I got to show my daughter who'd never seen one. She thought it was hilarious...I'd forgotten how big they were!