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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Hodge Podge - vol 75

If this is Wednesday this is Hodge Podge.  Since April 1st I have been participating in the A-Z April Challenge so there are two posts for today.  Today's letter for the A-Z Challenge was V so we are almost finished with this adventure.  If you want to read everyone else's post then jump over to Joyce's blog and check them out.  Here are the questions for the week and my feeble responses.
1. Shakespeare's birthday is celebrated on April 23rd...when did you last read Shakespeare? What's your favorite Shakespeare play?  I read Shakespeare a lot in college since I have a major in it.  I also am an English teacher so I have seen McBeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Julius Caesar in the classroom.  I love Shakespeare.  The comedies are my favorites.  My favorite play would have to be Comedy of of the Nights Dream.  It would be hard for me to choose.
2. What food(s) would you recommend a foreign visitor try when they visit your home country?  Bagels and schmear, Geno's Philly Cheesesteak, bbq in the south (wet and dry), Salmon in Washington, Lobster in Maine, Maple syrup in Vermont, our country is a culinary dream.
3. What's a lie you often tell yourself?  I will start again tomorrow I am going to have to borrow from Joyce. 
4. What's something you're good at that might surprise us? Remember this is a family friendly blog.  I would be better off answering this with what are you not good at.   But my answer would be starting a lot of projects and then moving on to another one.  I am the queen of this.
5. Who is your favorite animal character from a book?  Again with Joyce it would have to be Wilbur.  When my kids were small and I read this book to them at ex brought home a shote (tiny, runt baby pig)  We named her Sally and gave her buttermilk baths and let her stay in the house because she was so tiny.  When she got bigger she was moved outside to her pen and we continued to give her baths each day.  We loved her....we eventally named her Dirty Sally when she hit about 800 pounds and seemed to love the mud baths more than the buttermilk ones.  One day some men came and loaded her up....they took her nearby and we heard a gunshot. Dirty Sally was dead.  She was processed and my ex brought the meat home to put in the smokehouse he had built.  The kids and I never ate a bite.  I can't wat food from something I have named.  I am still not a huge ham eater.
6. April showers bring May you have a green thumb?  Sometimes I do if it is an outdoor plant.  Inside plants not so much.
7. Speaking of rainy days, which one of the following activities would you most want to spend time doing on a rainy day-

sort photos and create albums
bake cookies
read a good book
hold an all-day movie marathon
clean and organize closets, cupboards, or bookshelves
try a new recipe
fix something that needs fixing
In order of desire I would love to read a good book, hold an all-day movie marathon, sort photos and create albums, clean and organize anything, try and new recipe, bake cookies, fix something.
8. Insert your own random thought here.  I am a Pinterest Addict.  I love to spend time just looking through ideas and deciding if I want to try one.  I have completed several projects and so far modge podging is my favorite.  I am currently working on a blackboard tray for my dining room.  I made crack potatoes Sunday for our homecoming - recipe from Pinterest.  I probably won't ever do them again.  Do you do Pinterest?  Have you ever completed any of your pins?  Tried any recipes?


Marti said...

I usually have several projects going at one time, and if I get bored with one I work on another, but I do finish all of them without too much delay. I use Pintrest some, but mostly just to store ideas. Have a good day.

Joyce said...

Oh that pig story was hard : ) I don't think I could have eaten it either!

Check out Mindees challenge...I think it will be fun and if you like Pinterest its right up your alley! The link to her blog is in my random thought...she's putting up the instructions tomorrow.

Nel said...

Great post! I love Pinterest, but I try to limit my visits, because once I am there we are talking at least an hour usually more. I have several things I want to try. Have tried some of the recipes and cannot think of them off the top of my head. We raised a little calf once, bottle fed, my ex planned on putting him in the freezer and I told him it would be better to sell him cause I was not cooking Festus.
until next time... nel

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your the second person I read who is very current with Shakespeare.
Your making me hungry with your list of foods! I'm pretty good at convincing myself that I will finish a project tomorrow. (NOT)