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8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Susan and Marian

Happy Birthday to two special people.  Today is my oldest friend (we have been friends since we were 5 and I moved to El Prado), Susan's birthday.  Today....we are the same age.  Susan and I started kindergarten(non-mandatory) at Vedado Park and went all the way through high school together.  We have suffered together, laughed together, loved together, .....and when we are is as if we have never been apart.  I feel like we are sisters from another mother. She and her precious husband, Chuck are the godparents of my daughter, Kat.  I knew when Kat was young that no one would take care of her and love her like Chuck and Sue would.  Christ is their rock, strength, and salvation.  I have never doubted it.  If I need prayer....I know where to go.  Please keep Sue in your prayers....her mom is very ill and it makes me sad to see my friend hurting...knowing there is nothing I can do to ease her pain...except pray....and believe me....I am all over that.  Let me introduce you to my first birthday friend.
Susan is on the far right.  The lady in the middle is Francis - her mom.  The girl to the left is Carol and the little boy in front is Joel.  Susan's father died around the time my brother died.  We had an emotional bond early on. 

Susan around age 16.  She has always had the most amazing smile.
Godparents - Susan, Kathryn, and Chuck with their Chevy van.  Yep...we were children of the hippy era. 

Chuck, Sue, Jan, and Scott - They were such youngsters....and not the babies.  Where did the time go guys?

Susan and Kat at some kind of UT Honor Band thing.

The godparents again.....this time the day I married Frank.  They have shared all of my special events.  I can't imagine life without them in it.

 Portrait of a grandmother - "Gran".  This is Christmas time with her first little angel...Michael.  Susan rocks as a grandmother.

 KLAMS 2012 - our girl trip to Niagara Falls.  Susan is on the far left, then Missi, then Amanda, and then Linda.  I was smart...I took the shot.

One of the last pictures of the entire Price family.   Keith, Aaron, Scott, Jan, Chuck (back row) Charlie, Jane, Susan and Michael(front row).  Every single one of these people have made a major impact on my life.  I am blessed to have walked with them.

 Susan and Jan.  Two of my favorite ladies.
Susan and Chuck in Brazil on a mission trip.

Susan and her mom.  We were headed home from our 40 year class reunion.
Friend # 2 -Marian
My teacher/AEA/ACEA/NEA friend Marian is 64 today.  She has had a wild sort of few days.  She is now a grandmother to little Campbell who lives in Atlanta.  She broke her wrist while at the hospital.  During her tenure as a teacher we put a lot of miles on the road and in the air attending AEA/NEA conferences.  Marian is a crazy person to travel with.  It seems like every time we have traveled...she was a wounded warrier.  We have been all over Alabama, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, Ireland(on St. Paddy's Day - in Dublin), England, Wales, and Italy and had a great time.  I am not at home so my pictures of Marian are limited to what I have on my little flash drive.
Outside the castle

 In Wales the town with the longest name.
Bogg Farmers in the Circle of Kerry....just outside of Kilarney.  This place was very fragrant....and not in a great way.
To both of my friends I hope you have a wonderful day and very Happy Birthday.  You both deserve it.

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