Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Grandmother's Life Seasons and Me

Sunday was Mother's Day and even though she was MY Mother's Mother I loved her with all my heart.  She was my little grandmother because by the time I was in fifth grade and a whopping 5'4 inches I stood nearly a head taller.  She was special to me.  She had a fiery temper and a gentle Spirit.  She was a Christian and you knew it.  She threw pots and pans at my grandfather when she was angry.  There was not one in her house that sat on the stove straight.  There was not a door in the house that did not have a crack in it.  My grandfather ALWAYS managed to escape.  Life at 55 Iris Avenue was never dull....especially when we(the grandchildren) were all there.  It was the kind of life that memories are made of and Kodak moments became possible. 
Grandmother's Life Seasons

It was the spring when she began her journey towards winter. 
Young, fragile, innocent peeking her unknowing face into the world of being. 
She became...a tiny, beautiful, fragrant flower. 
In the summer of her life she grew
like the rows of weeds and vegetables found in any farmer's garden.
 She produced the fruits of her labors, 
but oftentimes, because of insufficient tending,
 her life vines came up with only a dried-up remnant of what would have been. 
Life was as hard then as the July heat. 
As she neared the fall of her life she found herself weary.
  She looked forward to shedding the unnecessary in preparation for her winter's rest. She had bloomed and grown and it was now time to ungrow.
 Time to just sit back and relax. It is takin' it easy time. 
Take it easy she did. She had earned this. 
The winter came on quickly, as winter often does. 
The whiteness of her hair matched the starkness of the ground. 
Inseparable in contrast. 
The hard lines in her face resembled
the dormant oaks in her front yard; brittle, hard. 
Winter - a time to sleep, a time of peace. 
Spring would be here soon and the life season would begin for another... and then another... and finally me.

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