Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

No Regrets So Let's Build A Bridge

I don't talk about this subject much here but for the past 4 years Frank's daughter, Amy has not spoken to us.  She defriended us on Facebook and will not take calls from us.  It has killed us both because we do not know why.  She came and was with us when my dad died and then out of the blue sent flowers when my mom died.....but there was no other communication.  I sent her a letter asking what was up.  I sent several emails and some Facebook messages to she and her husband....but nothing came back on her end.  Finally, I contacted her mom and asked her if she knew what was up and she told us to just give her time.  So....time is what we have given her...four years of it.  During that time Amy had a little girl, Amelia and it saddened us both that we were not part of this child's life....or Amy's.  Last year I texted Amy and asked if she would come to the Memorial Day cookout we have with the Porch People at the beach.  She declined but said she would meet us at Starbucks.  We were overjoyed and since Amelia's first birthday was coming up we bought some things for the baby.  We both talked on the way to meet them about coming back for the baby's first birthday party.  We were so excited that after we parked the car we all but ran to where they were sitting.  But, when we got there it was a strained visit to say the least.  Nothing was resolved.  We loved on the baby and listened to Amy's stories about when this precious one was born and left sad.  Sunday in our Sunday School lesson the Seeing the Need section had a story.  I sat and cried in the pew silently as I read this story:
     "There is a story about two brothers who lived and farmed near each other.  For 40 years, they worked in harmony, borrowing each other's tools and equipment.  One day a misunderstanding occurred between them, and they stopped speaking to each other.  Months went by.  One day a carpenter came to the door of the older brother and asked if there was some project he could do.  The man said he would like to have an eight-foot fence constructed so he could not see his brother's farm across the creek.
     The carpenter said he understood and got to work right away.  All day long he measured, sawed, and hammered.  When the older brother went to look at the finished project, he could not believe what he saw.  No fence was there, but there was a bridge spanning the creek.  To his amazement, his younger brother was coming toward him on the bridge, hand outstretched.  He thanked him for building a bridge after all their hostility.  As they shook hands, they saw the carpenter packing his tools.  They asked him to stay, but he said he had other bridges to build."  The lesson for the class was about Unity and divisions that exist in the church.  The lesson for me was about building bridges in personal relationships.  I always like to know what specifically to pray for and Sunday morning I got my answer.  I will be praying for a bridge to be built so that Frank and Amy can be connected again.  I would love to ask you all to join me as I pray for healing between these two.  When my parents died in 2009 and 2011 I can honestly say I have no regrets.  I was able to spend time with them and right any wrong that had existed.  I want you all to have that and I want Amy and Frank to have regrets!  I know that in every relationship there are two sides to every story.  We would just like to know the rest of the story.  God Bless You All!

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