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Monday, August 3, 2015

Reality Hits: Inservice

Today is the 3rd of August and the beginning of the school year for me.  The students don't come until next Monday, but for this week we will be trained in how to be an effective teacher.  We were told to be in our seats by 7:45.  I was at school by 7 because the RCHS Faculty String Band was going to perform before the invocation.  We did Jesus Take My Hand and Rocky Top to get the staff fired up.  I could have sung forever with these guys.  Our band consists of Darren Anglin, my principal, Mary Kelly, my assistant principal, Jeff Thompson, Woodland's principal, Chris Agee, science teacher, Brance Taylor, English teacher, Amy Richardson, our reading coach, Remello, a student, and of course me! We began performing as a group last year and had such a great time.  Our meeting took place in the RCHS auditorium and it was a bit chilly when I got in there.....that would change drastically by 10:00.  We were welcomed by the Superintendent, Rance Kirby, and then we sang.  After the music there was a prayer for the school can tell I live smack in the middle of the Bible Belt.  The new staff was introduced and at 9 our guest speaker, Charles Marshall was introduced.  If you have never heard him speak and get the chance....take it.  He is awesome.  After he finished....we had another 2 hours of training on Child Abuse, Special Ed, Child Advocasy, and the Internet to go....but....halfway through the air conditioner quit working and by 11:00 it was stifling in the auditorium.  My clothes were actually sticking to my skin and I was miserable.  We broke for lunch at 11:30 and when we came back from lunch we were broken into groups and attended three other sessions.  My first one was in the library and it was lovely in there.  The second, was in the lunchroom and things went down hill fast.  The room was cool....but they had sprayed for bugs and the smell was nauseating.  My third session....from 2:30 - 3:30 was back in the auditorium....with still no air....and I can tell you....I was brain dead, and aware of how hot I was.  What did I take from this session?  Be mindful of how longs students have been sitting, be mindful of the temperature, and have them move during the class period....especially after lunch.  Am I excited?  I am always excited for the first week of school.  I cannot wait to do what I love doing.....and that is teaching.  I have missed the kids during the summer.

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Good luck with the start of school!