Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Extreme Make-Overs

I love Sunday night television. My favorite show is Extreme Home Makeover. I watch it every chance I get and cry as I see each family give up something that is in a bad state of disrepair and come home to a mansion. Well, look at me. I am a big girl. I have a big girl body that is probably not the temple God meant for me to have....but because of vandalism and years of abuse it is as it is. I want to have an extreme temple make-over. Ok, so what is that going to entail? How can I make-over my temple to be modern, shiny, sleek, and new. A temple that makes people want to dwell there?
Step One - I have to clean the old stuff out. I have to clear my temple of all the old yard sale relics it has collected over the year. I have to dust out the cobwebs of the corners of my mind. I have to open the windows and let the light in. Whew...this is going to take some time....but then....time is what I have. Everyday that I draw breath on this me another day to clean up the temple.
Step Two - I have to acquire things for my temple to make it inviting. I need ornamentation that sets off the temple and makes it a place people want to come. I have to get rid of the clutter first....time to visit the Mission Thrift Store....I am feeling some donations coming on.
Step Three - I have to make a pact with myself never to let my temple get in such a state again. I should be ashamed at what I have allowed to happen. In my heart and mind I am....very ashamed. God created me in his image....and somewhere along the way....the Hindenburg crossed with a New York city ghetto image got in the way! How did I let this happen?
I let it happen when I left Satan get the best of me. I let Satan tell me I was not worthy of a pretty temple. I let Satan tell me that I could never have a pretty temple, and that I would always have a decrepit temple. Satan won....but just his battle....he has not won the war. I regrouped my army yesterday and decided that God and I were an undefeatable team. Today I am cleaning out my old ugly temple and I am armed with new paints, cleaning ingredients, and a primo decorator. I am empowered! My temple is not going to be complete in seven days like the houses on Extreme Home Makeover....but wait and see....give me seven months....check back with me in say, October and see my grand opening of the New and Improved Karen's Temple. I know you will be surprised. I won't be ....because I know....with God....all things are possible....including cleaning temples!

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