Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HI! I Am Hayden and I Think I Love You!

On January 2, 1999 we all gathered in the hospital for what was to be the greatest day of our lives. My son and his wife were expecting their first child….a son. Now, Eric’s wife had been married once before and had two precious girls…..Taylor, the youngest, was born Down’s Syndrome. It was ok….and the two of them did not worry about a recurrance….Roulie’s first husband had a first cousin who was Down’s Syndrome….we didn’t….so everything was great. Eric was elated as the day progressed and he anticipated delivering his boy. Time came for the joyous moment….and Hayden made his appearance. Never have I heard such lungs. He was very outspoken about everything. He was precious….he was so tiny….he was……NO! It could not be….Hayden was Down’s. The shock that followed was devastating. I wanted to make it better for my son….but it wasn’t there. I could not fix this. I did not even really know what it was…..all I knew….was that precious little guy laying in that baby bed….had me from hello. I could not wait to hold him. I knew things would be different….but I knew God was in control. I went home and looked up as much information as I could find on Down’s Syndrome. What I found was that “Down syndrome, Down's syndrome, or trisomy 21 is a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. It is named after John Langdon Down, the British doctor who described the syndrome in 1866. Often Down syndrome is associated with some impairment of cognitive ability and physical growth as well as facial appearance.
Individuals with Down syndrome tend to have a lower than average cognitive ability, often ranging from mild to moderate developmental disabilities. A small number have severe to profound mental disability. The incidence of Down syndrome is estimated at 1 per 800 to 1,000 births, although these statistics are heavily influenced by the age of the mother.
Many of the common physical features of Down syndrome also appear in people with a standard set of chromosomes. They may include a single instead of a double crease across one or both palms, also called the Simian crease, an almond shape to the eyes, shorter limbs, poor muscle tone, a larger than normal space between the big and second toes, and protruding tongue. Health concerns for individuals with Down syndrome include a higher risk for congenital heart defects, acid reflux disease, recurrent ear infections, obstructive sleep apnea, and thyroid dysfunctions.”
That was 10 years ago and I cannot imagine our lives without Hayden in it. He is a charmer. There is never a dull moment that is for sure. I would not take anything for this little man with Down’s Syndrome. If you are walking in my shadow or shoes….research the topic. Don’t let it rule your emotions. Let your emotions experience the pure joy of unconditional love….with a Down’s baby…that is what you get….love no matter what. Who could ask for more? Hayden came into my life and I have never been the same. Happy Weds.


Ms. Marty said...

What an awesome lady you are. I read your blog about your Dad and his chemo. I am so sorry, but you did the only thing possible - you turned it over to God. He will find a way.
And as far as your Hayden is concerned, what a lucky youmg man to have such a family. We have a friend at church that had a Down's Syndrome daughter. Vicki was also a charmer and she lived to be over 40, far past the age of survival. She was loved not just be her family but all that met her.
Vicki was very outspoken and oft times opinionated and she spoke it the way she thought it. And sing. Honey, there isn't an angel in heaven that could out sing her. The more upbeat the melody, the harder she sang. And spirituals were her thing. "I'll Fly Away" and "Get Right Church" were her two favorites and she would rock out on both of them. We all know that she is now singing in the heavenly chorus and is pitch perfect. Get Trina to tell you about Vicki.
God bless my cosmic sister.

lagirl said...

I enjoyed ready about your sweet boy, Hayden. He does look like a Charmer, a perhaps I detected a bit of mischieviousness in his smile. (?) LOL I believe our children (and grandchildren) are handpicked "just for us" by God, so we always have just the right child, regardless. Happy Birthday, Hayden!

Leigh of said...

Pure unconditional love. THAT, Karen is a beautiful thing and a blessing. What a beautiful child...and grandparent.
Great post! I am sure you can hlpe alot of people by educating on Downs as well as ministering to others tolerance, as well to families that may be searching the internest b/c their baby was born Downs, that love and acceptance is in the heart of all God's children. And that the hearts of those with Downs children are massive.
LOve to you, my friend. Great post!