Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Six Things That Always Make Me Smile

Ok, it is 2:48 on Sunday morning and I cannot for the life of me sleep. With sleeplessness going on I decided to read some blogs I missed earlier in the day. I love to read My Last Shreds of Sanity. Today she did a blog on six things that always make me smile and the first one caught my attention. Sarcasm was her number one choice and I personally love it. So, in the weeest hours of Sunday morning. When I truly have nothing to smile about because I cannot sleep. I decided to come up with my six things. I hope you enjoy them.

1. My cousin Missi's husband Clay when he does his rendition of the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz. It makes me grin for hours.

2. The bow girls. I smile everytime I see pictures of the Jill and Kat with birthday package bows on their heads.

3. Sunset at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida is definitely a smile award winner. I can't think of many places more beautiful.

4. Young love.....that turns into mature love. My parents celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary in just a few days. I can't imagine spending 58 years with the same person.

5. Frank makes me smile everyday. Watching his sometimes crazy antics, watching him study, watching him period.

Last but certainly not least on the list of things that always make me smile would be.......
6. Blogs I Follow and That Follow Me. I smile everytime I see the number increases.

Ok...enough is enough. I will see you again later in the day I hope. It is now 3:09a.m., I have played Pogo, I have blogged, I have caught up on my blog reading, I have watched some CSI Miami and if I am going to be at church at 7:30, with a quick stop at the market for communion elements, I best call it a day. Happy Weekend!


Leigh said...

Oh, Karen! I loved this post! It is just fabulous to pause for reflection of the very things that warm our spirits. LAughter is the music to the soul...and a smile-the title to that glorious song!

LOVED this!!!

Hope you got some sleep! We awoke to 3 inches of snow outside and it is still snowing "heavily" (for Alabama). Mr Spann said to expect another inch to two. Usually I dont buy into the hoopla, but since it is snowing.....
Whew hoo!

Ms. Marty said...

Oh my. How awful to not be able to sleep. I have those times also. My sleep inducer is to read. I guess if my computer wasn't off in the basement (sans heat) I would go down there, but it has been just a bit too cold of late.

I loved the six things that make you smile. I may try that. Check it out.

Jacki said...

I Loved this post! Counting your blessings, were you? lol
Oh, and Pogo is my favorite passtime! You must email me with your screen name!