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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lisa Leonard Designs

A Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway!over at the Giveaway Diva's Site is Up and Running,and you need to get on over there and enter....(subliminal message - don't do it...don't do it...) "Nicole knows that Valentine's Day has come and gone and she hope your loves got you something extra nice. The next big holiday to look forward to is Mother's Day! Although it might be a tad bit early, it's never to early to find a great gift. And if you find it difficult to find a present that will accurately show how much you love and appreciate the Mom in your life, how about getting her something just as unique as she is? Lisa Leonard Designs is one of Nicoles...and my favorite new site specializing in personalized jewelry. Heck, I even grabbed her button. She has some amazing pieces of jewelry.My personal favorite is the Sparkle necklace..
My daugher Kat picked up that nickname one year when we were working on ASP. It would make a great birthday gift...and she will be 30 this year.
To quote Nicoles review on the Giveaway Diva, "Lisa's love for creating jewelry started at a young age, with her designing when she was just in high school. When she had her first child, she wanted what most moms quit her job and open a small business in which she could stay at home to be there for her kids. What Lisa didn't realize at the time was just how big her small business would actually become! Her designs have become quite popular! What I find most amazing is that Lisa has no actual formal classes or training in jewelry making, she just decided to take the leap and follow her heart and this is quite inspiring!" If you look at the baby necklace I have posted you can see just how amazing her work is...but don't take my word for it. Go to her site and check it out for yourself. If you are a lover of jewelry, then you will be a lover of Lisa Leonards Designs. Trust Me! They are amazing!...and if you go to the Giveaway Diva's can enter to win a a Petite Family Crest Necklace of your very own. The necklace you are trying to valued at $54.00. This is a NICE gift. Entering is jump on over to the Giveaway Divas place and enter. Are you still here? Get jumping...or better yet...keep reading me...and I will stand a better chance of winning it for myself! Happy Saturday! BTW....the
giveaway will end on March 25th!! BTW...I could not wait. I ordered the Sparkles necklace for Kathryn's birthday. I can't wait to give it to her.

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Xazmin said...

Okay...I am LOVING this jewelry...I am heading over to check it out...Sorry!