Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday? To Me

Well, as I told you dad stayed home on the 14th of April waiting for me to be born.  On the 15th went back to Fort Myers to work.....and I made my arrival.  I dreaded today coming.  It has been a stressful Spring Break for me and to be honest....I need a vacation now.  I got up this morning.....and sat in silence til everyone else in the house began to stir.  I had a cup of coffee....the house began to come to life, Happy Birthday's were given, Amanda called and said they were on their way....we had breakfast at Huddle House.  Amanda left her cup at Huddle House so she and Susan went back for it.  They were gone a while and when they returned they had a rose for me....and some potting soil.  Susan, Chuck and I got out in my back yard and planted the rose, the two hydrangeas from the funeral, and three Salmon azaleas I bought from Rock Mills School.  There was a storm moving in so Frank headed off for his school weekend at Huntingdon College, Chuck and Sue packed up and headed back to Knoxville. I am such a blessed person.  Randy left to get the Trike back before it rained.  Amanda and I went to get my car from Bobby.  Then we went to the treehouse to pick up Randy.  We ran some errands and then had lunch at Del Rio on Hwy 49. If you are ever in the Valley Alabama must eat here.  The food is plentiful and good. After meeting with their contractor, Amanda took me home.  I spent a quiet evening in my house.  It was a satisfying birthday.  We had some horrendous storms in Alabama last night and I have to admit....I did not sleep easy.  Again I say....I am so blessed!  Thank you everyone for the loving comments you have left me.  God Bless You Everyone!


Thena said...

The storms are headed our way today. Hopefully it will be late in the day. We have a church Easter egg hunt at 2:00.
God bless you too.

Sweet Tea said...

Yes Ma'am, you are obviously very blessed and loved by many. Happy Birthday, Friend!

Sweet Tea said...

Yes Ma'am, you are obviously very blessed and loved by many. Happy Birthday, Friend!

sara said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I am so glad you had a nice day!!