Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Project 365 - Week 15

Wow...we are now 15 weeks into the new 15 weeks is it still considered a new year?  Spring Break for me officially kicked off at 3:17 on Friday.  I was so glad to hear that bell ring....and to be honest so were the kids.  Frank and I are going to Knoxville to see my friends, Chuck and Susan tomorrow (Sunday) after Mrs. Faye's birthday party.  We will be there until Tuesday morning...then we are heading to Nashville to visit with Missi and Clay until Thursday morning....quick trip I know...but lots of great photo ops.  I cannot wait to capture some of the wild flowers up in Cades Cove.  Wooo hooo.  If all goes well too  I am going to get to meet my bloggy buddy Mary.  She lives in Knoxville and I am so excited.  We are shooting for coffee.  Sara has her links up so you need to head over there and check out what she has to offer.  I know you will love some of the other guys pictures.
Sunday - April 3rd
My beautiful pink tulips that Patti gave me on Saturday.  Patti is the one Amanda and I wrote the song, "Patti's Got Her Wheels On" for.  She is such a love and I was delighted to see her at Randy's celebration on Saturday.  I was even more excited when she gave me the beautiful pink tulips.  Cannot wait to get them in the ground.
Monday - April 4th

The calm before the storm.  Just as the sun was setting....major clouds were moving in.  I never dreamed we would be in for such a scary night of bad weather.
 Tuesday - April 5th
 I have become addicted to church signs.  I look for them everywhere and am disappointed when they are not profound.  This one at New Salem Baptist Church just outside of New Site on Hwy 22 really impressed me.  So true!
Wednesday - April 6th
 This is the one of the results of Monday night's terrible storm  This tree fell and went right down the center of a house.  The only part that was spared was the very back room and THAT is where the people were.  God definitely had His hand in this!
Thursday - April 7th
Thursday from the time we left Mom at the doctor with the nursing home van....until we went to bowl...I talked Frank into a mani for him and pedi for me.  He seemed to enjoy everything that was being done to next time...maybe he will have a pedi too.  They are to die for!
Friday - April 8th

Spring Break has arrived and I am thrilled.  My azaleas have also burst into bloom so I had to share them with you.  They posed so prettily for me after I got home from school on Friday.  Frank and I then rode down to get a shot of his weekly sign...and then went on to Rock Mills School to pick up my three salmon azaleas and two ferns I bought from Beth's grandson, Collin.  They are lovely.  We came home and I immediately set the ferns out on the plant holder and placed the azaleas in the backyard where I want them planted.  That will be a job for after we get back from our trip. 
Saturday - April 9th

I want you to see this walkway.  I had forgotten it was even there.  Frank cleaned this up and removed the growth that was on it.  He and Marci both said it was like cutting sod.  It was a thick blanket of grass, leaves, and mulch.  I have to admit I am amazed.  The house looks so good today.  You can actually see the front porch again.  Part of that is thanks to my sweet friend, Danny Queen, who came up earlier in the week and took off all the trash that was on the front porch.  The house looks amazing!  Absolutely Amazing! 

I love these people....I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!  Marci, her daughter, Lyndi, her sister, Sherry, Frank and I worked at my mom's today.  I grabbed these shots right after we finished lunch and were packing it back up on the porch.  Today, Marci and Frank burned limbs and trash from outside, while Sherry, Lyndi and I worked on the inside.  I took off 6 black garbage bags full of clothes to the Mission Thrift Store.  We began working at 8 and called it a day at 2.  I tell was 92 degrees in the shade and with a fire was hot!  What a great way to kick off Spring Break....feeling like you have accomplished something   I want to have the yard sale part of the sale...the first Saturday in May.  Then have the estate part two weeks later.  I have to take a moment and say thank you too everyone who has contributed to the clean up and prep cause.  My mom is a hoarder...and you would never believe in a million years what we have done in this house.  So let me thank....Frank, for all his hard work and understanding the hoarder concept....and keeping me from coming unglued during all this.  Thank you Amanda and Randy for giving up several of your weekends and letting us use your trailer for trash.  Thank you Kat and Brian for all your hard work and tears with me when it was too much to handle. Bless you Susan and Chuck for making the trip from Knoxville to work....twice...and for taking care of business for me!  Mary and Bill for their hard work on their only day off, Debbie and Huge for working on their only day off.  Thank you Hugh and Gary for cutting the grass and tarping the car....and if I have left anyone out....believe me...I thank you for everything.  This would never have happened without you!...and Marci....thanks for keeping this ADD focused as you could!


sara said...

We both have pictures of our azaleas this week!! the are gorgeous around here!

yea! for spring break. I am a bit jealous seeing as I have to wait a full year for mine! ha!

rita said...

I think it will take all of my retirement to slowly get rid of a lifetime of accumulation. I DO NOT WANT to leave it to my children, so help me God! Sorry you have to go through this. You are being very cheerful and positive. Glad you have helpers.
And you enjoy life each day.

Deb said...

Happy, Happy Spring Break!

You had to wait longer than usual, but it sounds like it was worth the wait.

Your photography is looking great! I love the one of the foreboding clouds. You seemed to capture fear with your camera lense.

Good eye!

Sweet dreams.

Mimi said...

Oh I am such a pack rat. I need to do something this spring to dig out my basement!

Your flowers look lovely & I'm jealous of your mani-pedi, I've never gotten one. I'd love to treat myself if we ever have the extra money, lol!

Hugs & love,

The Cyber Hermit said...

Such beautiful tulips :). And such fantastic friends. You are a rich woman.

skoots1mom said...

LOVVVVV your azaleas...
boy, ya'll were busy

also <3 your church signs ;)

semperfi said...

Love your flower pictures. Can't wait for ours to start blooming here. Enjoyed your week

momma frans said...

you were busy this week!
its amazing and scary what bad weather can do. so glad that family is ok!

semperfi said...

Enjoyed your flower pics. Hope our start blooming soon. Enjoyed your week. God Blees, Kim

The Bug said...

Gorgeous flower pictures! I love all the pink - and your toenails too :)

Wow - that house picture is scary. I'm so glad they were all safe.

I'm glad you got so much done at your mom's house!

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow scary storm...that house is glad that everyone is ok. Loving the church signs too! Beautiful flowers as pretty and springy! And yay for spring break...we had ours a few weeks back...we only have 27 days of school until summer vaca!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

nothing beat a pedicure!

we had some nasty weather around here as well!

just to let you know I got the prayer shawl off to your mom in the mail on Friday! God is so good!