Isaiah 6:8

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hodgepodge Vol. 24

Today is Wednesday and that means Joyce has come up with some perfectly wonderrful questions.  I love to do these and then go back and read everyone else's replies.  It is amazing how some are so very much like me....and other's.....not so much.
1. What is something that bothers you if its not done perfectly?  Right now....I can't think of a single thing.  My concept if it is done...and someone else does it....then I don't have to.  A year ago it would have been the Arbor chair set up......but one day I came to the realization....that those who set them up....were volunteers....and if anyone did not like how they did them....they should come do it themselves. 
2. What is one of your best childhood memories?  Ouch!  Just one?  I have so many wonderful memories that choosing one would be so I will do three short ones.  1.  One Saturday a month my dad would take me fishing...either just off the turnpike, to Lake Okeechobee, or shoreline fishing at the beach.  It really wasn't the fishing that was so was spending time with my father.  2.  My family also went for "rides" one day during the weekend.  My dad would never use a map and we just went riding down roads....while we were riding....we would be singing.  If we saw something interesting we would stop and check it out.  I have seen a lot of Florida this way.  3.  We also took mini vacays at Sanibel Island and Captiva.  I would go out in the water during low tide with my dad and we would collect shells and sand dollars.
3. Do you plan to watch the Royal Wedding and when was the last time you wore a hat?  I will catch snatches of it on the news after the fact.  I am not giving up sleep for it....not a chance.  I wore a hat the weekend Spring Break kicked off.  I was taking it on the vacation that wasn't and was trying it on.  I own several because I like them.  I have worn them for Still Magnolia shows from hats with big bows and lace to cowboy hats. When I am working outside I will wear a ball cap.

4. Where do you fall in the birth order in your family? Do you think this has influenced your personality?  I was the oldest until I was 8 and then I became the only.  The combination of all of that....did influence my personality....along with a ton of other things.  I have never been a true first child personality. I was a Type B personality child who had a mother who was a Mega A.  I was the peacemaker.  I hated waves or conflict being made. 
5. Where do you think you spend most of your money?  This one is easy.....Walmart!
6. When you need to confront someone would you rather communicate in person, by phone, by email or by letter? Why?  I have at any given time used them all....depending on the severity of the situation and where they are located at the time of said confrontation.  I know I should confront them in person....but it really throws me in a tail spin to confront someone.  I try and look at things and decide if it is going to matter in a a year before I jump on something.  I really HATE confrontations.
7. Dodgeball, freeze tag, kickball or jump rope? You have to pick one.  I  loved kickball.  I could kick high and run fast.
8. Joyce asked us to insert our own random thought here and since it is the end of April I was wondering what your favorite April moment would be?  Mine is easy....even though it was during a very sad time, my favorite moment was getting to spend some quality time with my special family and some very special friends.  Those moments don't happen often and when they is priceless!  Have a Happy Wednesday!


Joyce said...

My favorite April moments are two...having both my girls home for the Easter weekend and my oldest daughter landing a great new has been exciting to see how God so clearly worked out every detail in that situation. If I ever get thru this A-Z challenge I am going to try to capture it in a blog post.

AuburnChick said...

I think my special April moment happened a couple of days ago when my oldest, in her first year of college, called me just to tell her about the lesson plan she's working on for her final exam. She and I don't usually get along. She's a bit selfish and very much not interested in what's going on in my life. However, with my recent foray into teaching, we've found common ground...a way to connect. Her calling me just to chat lifted my spirits and gave me hope that we might actually have a real relationship one day.

Jill said...

I'll catch parts of the royal wedding later in the day. I wouldn't give up sleep for it either! : )

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'm with you - if I have something that needs to be done and someone that's willing to do it - I'm good with however they want to get it done!!!!

Sadly, my best April moment was finally getting my taxes done and in the mail. Such pressure!! I dread it for three and a half months - you'd think I'd just get it over with.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is a wonderful memory fishing with your father. I am giving up my sleep, I want to see it live! Walmart-good answer. I guess I would say celebrating a birthday earlier in the month. I love when all six of us can be together.

Mary said...

I didn't even think about a place for #5! It's funny how people interpret the questions differently.